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Want Skilled Commercial Painters? Let us assist in bridging the gap between you and top-notch Commercial Painters nearby. Elevate your Commercial painting experience today!

Want SkilledWant Skilled Commercial Painters Let us assist in bridging the gap between you and top-notch Commercial Painters nearby. Elevate your Commercial painting experience today! Commercial Painters Let us assist in bridging the gap between you and top-notch Commercial Painters nearby. Elevate your Commercial painting experience today!

Finding top-notch commercial painters to elevate your painting experience can seem like a daunting task. We offer assistance in bridging this gap, connecting you with professional and skilled painters near you.

Our service ensures that clients have access to reliable and high-quality residential or commercial property painting services within their vicinity.

  • Our network of professional painting contractors includes versatile artists who are not only proficient at residential spaces but are equally adept at handling large-scale painting projects for businesses.

They take great pride in their work, meticulously preparing surfaces and mixing paints tailored specifically for your project needs before starting the actual job.

  • Their wide-ranging skills make them highly sought after in the industry, ensuring superior execution of all interior or exterior commercial painting requirements.

These local commercial painters adhere strictly to timelines without compromising on quality, making them stand out among other Painting Contractors around South Africa while also effectively meeting any potential safety and environmental considerations.

With our help, sourcing proficient office or industrial paint services has never been easier; consider reaching out today and let us connect you with expert corporate building paint services from our pool of licensed commercial painters.

Distinguished Commercial Painting Services in South Africa

Distinguished Commercial Painting Services in South Africa

We offer a wide range of artisan interior painting services, expert roof painting, innovative specialized coatings, and meticulous surface preparation to ensure your commercial property looks its best.

Artisan Interior Painting Services

Artisan Interior Painting Services in South Africa are renowned for their superior quality and precision-driven service.

  • Catering to both residential and commercial properties, they provide tailored solutions that add charisma to any space.

Their team of skilled professionals transform your interiors using innovative techniques combined with high-quality paint products.

  • Moreover, competitive pricing is what sets Artisan services apart from others – providing affordability without compromising on aesthetics or durability.

They exemplify the gold standard in interior painting – whether you’re refreshing a single room or revamping an entire business facility.

Forefront Exterior Painting Services

Forefront Exterior Painting Services takes pride in transforming the exterior of commercial buildings across South Africa.

  • With a dedication to precision, our professional painters apply premium quality paint that boosts curb appeal and ensures long-lasting protection against diverse weather conditions.

Our thorough surface preparation guarantees a smooth, clean finish that breathes new life into every square foot of your business’s exterior.

  • Our service is not merely about applying a fresh coat of paint; it involves extensive pre-painting procedures such as power washing and careful selection of commercial-grade paint products.

Whether you own an office building in Sandton or a shopping centre in Johannesburg, our local commercial painters offer tailored solutions to meet your property’s unique needs.

Choose Forefront Exterior Painting Services for impeccable results that uphold the reputation of your business.

Distinctive Speciality Painting Services

Speciality Painting Services provide a distinctive touch to your commercial properties.

  • We pride ourselves on creating unique, stunning finishes that transform each space into an artistic masterpiece.

Using advanced painting techniques and high-quality materials, our experienced team bring vibrant colours into life, capturing the essence of your brand and making it stand out from the crowd.

Whether you’re in Johannesburg or Cape Town, Durban or Pretoria – we’re just a call away! Trust us to give your business an impressive new look with our speciality services.

Expert Roof Painting

Commercial buildings stand tall and proud, but their roofs often take a beating from the elements.

  • Expert roof painting provides not just an aesthetic upgrade but also a protective layer against weather damages.

In regions like Johannesburg where harsh sun or storms can degrade roofing material, this service becomes critical.

  • Professionals skilled in painting tin and metal roofs use specialized paints and techniques to ensure durability.

Companies offer these high-quality services for commercial projects at affordable rates.

Solid Epoxy Flooring

Solid epoxy flooring, known for its exceptional durability and resistance, is a popular choice among commercial properties in South Africa.

  • It’s an industrial-grade floor coating that stands up well to chemicals and acid, making it incredibly easy to maintain.

The application of this sturdy material not only enhances your property’s appearance but also significantly boosts its lifespan.

With companies providing top-notch epoxy flooring services in Cape Town, you can upgrade your commercial spaces with high-quality flooring solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

Contemporary Wall Coverings

Redefine your commercial space with Contemporary Wall Coverings. These innovative solutions offer a fresh and modern way to refresh the look of any building.

  • Offering more than just aesthetics, wall coverings also provide protection and durability for high-traffic areas in a business property.

From stylish wallpapers to textured panels, each type comes with its unique characteristics. Whether you prefer the luxurious appeal of fabric or vinyl types, there’s always a perfect choice that matches your style preference and budget constraint.

  • Trust our professional painters to apply these contemporary wall coverings flawlessly on your walls. They use trusted Commercial paint brands ensuring longevity and vibrancy.

Experts take pride in offering top-notch painting services throughout South Africa, including Johannesburg, Cape Town and Pretoria among others. Always count on us for trendsetting wall covering designs that give any room an instant uplift!

Innovative Specialized Coatings

Special coatings take commercial painting to a higher level. They go beyond aesthetic value, offering protective properties that ensure the longevity of infrastructures.

  • These innovative solutions combat various surface issues like wear and tear, corrosion, or chemical exposure.

Professional companies lead this industry segment in South Africa with their top-grade specialty coatings. Their products not only enhance surfaces visually but also promote sustainability through environmentally friendly practices.

Meticulous Surface Preparation

Proper surface preparation is a critical step in ensuring the success and durability of commercial painting projects in South Africa.

  • Our skilled commercial painters understand the importance of meticulous attention to detail when it comes to preparing surfaces before applying paint.

By thoroughly cleaning, priming, and repairing any imperfections, we ensure a smooth and even surface that allows for optimal paint adhesion.

  • This careful preparation not only results in a flawless finish but also extends the lifespan of your commercial property’s paint job.

Trust our expert team to handle every aspect of surface preparation with precision and care.

Assured Restoration & Maintenance

Assured Restoration & Maintenance is a trusted company with over 25 years of experience in interior and exterior painting, specialized coatings, surface preparation, and restoration.

  • They are experts in providing high-quality commercial painting services that are renowned for their excellent service, competitive pricing, and impressive results.

With Assured Restoration & Maintenance, you can expect assured quality products and workmanship.

  • In addition to painting services, they also offer waterproofing, renovation, roofing, and general property maintenance solutions.

Trust the experts at Assured Restoration & Maintenance to deliver impeccable and value-driven commercial painting solutions for all your needs.

Complete Commercial Property Repainting

Professional painting contractors in South Africa offer comprehensive services for complete commercial property repainting.

  • Whether you need to refresh the exterior of your business building or revamp the interior spaces, these experts have got you covered.

By opting for complete commercial property repainting, you can give your establishment a fresh new look that is visually appealing to customers and clients.

  • Not only does this enhance the overall appearance of your property, but it also helps protect it from the elements and extend its lifespan.

With easier maintenance and durable finishes, maintaining a well-painted commercial property becomes much simpler. Trust in the expertise of professional commercial painters who understand the unique needs of businesses when it comes to their painting requirements.

Detailed Industrial Painting Techniques

Commercial painters in South Africa are skilled in using detailed industrial painting techniques to deliver exceptional results.

  • These techniques are essential for creating an aesthetically pleasing environment while also providing durable and long-lasting finishes.

Surface preparation is a crucial step in the process, ensuring that the surface is clean and smooth before applying any paint or coatings.

  • Additionally, specialized coatings are utilized to provide added protection and durability to surfaces, especially when it comes to industrial settings where corrosion protection is vital.

With their expertise and attention to detail, commercial painters employ these techniques to ensure high-quality results for their clients’ commercial spaces.

Thorough Power Washing

Professional commercial painters understand the importance of thorough power washing when it comes to preparing surfaces for painting or applying specialized coatings.

  • Power washing is a vital step that helps remove dirt, grime, mold, and other contaminants from the surface, ensuring better adhesion and longer-lasting results.

In South Africa, commercial painting contractors specialize in power washing as part of their comprehensive services.

  • By utilizing professional-grade equipment and techniques, they can effectively clean large areas quickly and efficiently.

Whether it’s for commercial buildings or industrial spaces, power washing plays a key role in achieving impeccable and long-lasting paint finishes.

Tailor-made Colour Consultation

Professional colour consultation services are available to ensure that your commercial painting project is a success.

  • Whether you’re looking for the perfect colours to reflect your brand or create an inviting atmosphere, our experts can guide you in making the right choices.

With brands like Dulux and Plascon offering tailored advice for commercial painting, you can trust that your space will look stunning and professional.

Don’t underestimate the impact of well-chosen colours – let our tailor-made colour consultation service bring your vision to life.

Exquisite Texture And Faux Finishes

Commercial painting services in South Africa offer a unique and artistic approach to enhancing the appearance of your business or commercial building.

  • One popular technique that they employ is the use of exquisite texture and faux finishes.

These finishes provide a stunning alternative to traditional wallpaper, allowing you to achieve original and captivating walls.

  • Faux finishing involves replicating the look of materials like marble through skilled painting techniques.
  • Using colour, texture, luster, geometry, and movement, commercial painters can create remarkable special effects that elevate the aesthetic appeal of your space.

With faux finishes, you can give your commercial building a distinguished look that sets it apart from others in the area.

By opting for these exquisite texture and faux finishes offered by professional painters in South Africa, you can transform your business premises into an eye-catching space that leaves a lasting impression on customers and clients.

Advanced Waterproofing Systems

Commercial painters offer reliable and effective solutions to prevent water damage and leaks.

Whether you need waterproofing for your commercial property or industrial facility, using advanced waterproofing systems will meet your needs.

Essential Dampproofing Solutions

Painting Contractors offer essential dampproofing solutions for residential and commercial projects.

  • With their expertise in both painting and dampproofing, they can ensure that your commercial property is protected from moisture damage.

Their team of specialized waterproofing and damp proofing specialists provides top-quality services to address any potential issues with dampness or water infiltration.

By combining their extensive knowledge with high-quality materials, Painting Contractors delivers reliable and long-lasting dampproofing solutions that will keep your commercial space dry and well-maintained.

The Edge of Working with Commercial Painting Contractors Near Me.

Working with commercial painting contractors near you has distinct advantages:

  • Accessible and Convenient: Local commercial painters are easy to reach and work with, saving you time and effort.
  • Knowledge of Local Regulations: They are familiar with local building codes and regulations, ensuring that your project meets all requirements.
  • Understanding of Local Climate: Local contractors have experience working in the specific climate of your area, allowing them to use suitable products and techniques for long-lasting results.
  • Quick Response Time: Being nearby means they can respond promptly to any issues or emergencies that may arise during the project.
  • Knowledge of Local Suppliers: They have established relationships with local suppliers, enabling them to source quality materials at competitive prices.
  • Understanding of Local Market Trends: Local contractors stay updated on the latest trends and styles in commercial painting, offering you modern and appealing options for your property.

Unveiling the Merits of Commercial Painting Experts near me.

Discover the numerous advantages of hiring commercial painting experts near you:

  • Access to specialized tools and equipment for efficient and high-quality painting.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in handling commercial painting projects.
  • Expertise in surface preparation, ensuring a smooth and long-lasting finish.
  • Ability to work within tight timelines to minimize disruption to your business operations.
  • Utilization of premium quality paints and coatings for superior durability and aesthetics.
  • Compliance with safety standards and environmental regulations during the painting process.
  • Tailored solutions to meet your specific needs, whether it’s interior or exterior painting.
  • Cost – effective solutions that help maximize the value of your investment.
  • Hassle – free project management, leaving you free to focus on your core business.
  • Professional recommendations on colour selection and design choices for your commercial space.

Trending Commercial Painting Costs in South Africa [Price List 2023]

Discover the current commercial painting costs in South Africa with our comprehensive price list for 2023.

Optimal Warehouse Painting Prices in South Africa

Service TypeCost per Square Metre (Excluding Materials)Cost per Square Metre (Including Materials)Total Room Painting Cost (Excluding Materials)Total Room Painting Cost (Including Materials)
Interior PaintingR40R100R600R1 800
Exterior PaintingR50 – R80R100 – R250Not ApplicableNot Applicable

Deluxe Hospitality Space Painting (Restaurants, Hotels) Prices in South Africa

SpaceSize (in square metres)Cost (in Rands)
Deluxe RestaurantBelow 100R5 000 – R8 000
Deluxe Restaurant100 – 300R8 000 – R24 000
HotelBelow 500R25 000 – R40 000
Hotel500 – 1000R40 000 – R80 000

Precision-based Industrial Painting Prices in South Africa

ServiceCost Per HourCost Per Square MeterAdditional Costs
Industrial Painting LabourR350 – R700R40 – R100 (excluding materials)Depends on paint purchase and any accessories
Industrial Painting MaterialN/AR50 – R80 (including labour and materials)Additional cost of R100-R250 for special paints

In a table: Revamped Retail Space Painting Prices in South Africa

Discover the affordable prices for revamped retail space painting in South Africa.

  • Our table outlines the costs per square meter of painting, labour only.

Additional expenses may apply for paint purchase and any accessories needed.

  • With our competitive rates and high-quality service, you can transform your retail space into a vibrant and inviting environment without breaking the bank.

Trust us to deliver top-notch results that will enhance your business image and attract more customers.

Executive Office Building Painting Prices in South Africa

Discover the competitive pricing options for painting executive office buildings in South Africa. Our table outlines the cost per square meter, providing you with a clear idea of the expenses involved in enhancing your workspace.

From R40 to R100 per square meter, these prices ensure that you receive high-quality painting services within your budget.

Transform your executive office building with a fresh coat of paint and create an inspiring and professional environment for your business.

All-encompassing Commercial Painting Services Spanning Across South Africa.

All-encompassing Commercial Painting Services Spanning Across South Africa.

Experts are proud to offer all-encompassing commercial painting services that span across South Africa.

  • Our team of skilled and experienced painters specializes in catering to both domestic and commercial property markets, ensuring a high standard of workmanship.

Whether you need your office space, business establishment, or any other commercial area painted, we’ve got you covered.

With over 4,900 contractor companies operating in the construction industry in South Africa, we stand out as a professional painting contractor that focuses on delivering exceptional results for residential properties, complexes, apartments, as well as commercial and industrial buildings.

Trust us to transform your space with our expertise and attention to detail.

Final Word: A Commercial Painter near me is your key to impeccable and value-driven Commercial painting solutions.

Final Word A Commercial Painter near me is your key to impeccable and value-driven Commercial painting solutions.

Get the best commercial painting solutions with a commercial painter near you. Their expertise will ensure impeccable and value-driven results for your business property. Elevate your commercial painting experience today!


1. Who are commercial painters?

Commercial painters are professionals who provide painting services for business properties, retail stores, hotels and resorts, warehouses, and factories both inside and outside.

2. What services do commercial painters near me offer?

Most local commercial painting providers offer a range of services including paint preparation for businesses, interior and exterior painting

  • They may also assist with commercial paint colour consultation, epoxy floor painting and offer protective paint coatings.

3. How can I find out about a painter’s credentials or the quality of their work?

You can look at building painting experts’ reviews or ask them directly for their portfolio or references from previous jobs in areas like Somerset West in Western Cape down to Port Elizabeth or East London.

4. Do professional paint services include maintenance work?

Yes! Commercial painters often provide ongoing painting maintenance services that keep your office looking its best over time.

  • This may even include touch-ups when necessary as part of the service package.

5. Can I get an estimate before hiring a painter?

Certainly! Most commercial painters will be more than happy to give you a free no-obligation estimate which might encompass charges per square foot – known as ‘painting rates’, explaining potential costs related to different high-quality commercial paints among others.

6. Are there specific painting contractors suitable for shopping centres?

Definitely! There are several specialised contractors offering shopping centre painting services with extensive experience across various locations such as Gauteng, Roodepoort and Midrand amongst others.



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Please note this is a quoting system where we put you in touch with contractors in your area. We do not employ or are affiliated to the contractors.

"When referred, you deal directly with that service provider. We do not get involved in pricing, not guarantee of services or products. We can not be held liable for any loss, claim or damage whatsoever"