Choose our team to discover a local waterproofing company with professional water proofing contractors in your neighbourhood

Choose our team to discover a local waterproofing company with professional water proofing contractors in your neighbourhood

You stand to enjoy exceptional services by choosing our team in your search for a local waterproofing company near you. We offer top-notch solutions, boasting a roster of expert water proofing contractors ready to serve you within your neighbourhood.

Our professional specialists use effective materials like bitumen membrane and dulux roofguard, assuring quality results every time.

  • Our remarkable crew has garnered praise from clients throughout South Africa for outstanding damp proofing and waterproofing installations.

We are applauded for our ability to maintain the integrity of flat roofs, ensuring they remain impermeable even under severe weather conditions.

  • Our array of services includes moisture barrier installation, leak detection and repair alongside basement waterproofing solutions.

We acknowledge that each project comes with unique challenges; thus we adapt customised approaches based on the nature of work required.

  • This strategic flexibility stands testament to our understanding that different structures necessitate varying degrees of water resistance coatings or concrete waterproofing.

Amongst the other pros of working with us is access to highly trained experts who exhibit an unyielding commitment towards delivering high-standard workmanship as exhibited by professional firms.

Reliability coupled with professionalism is key in this industry and as such you can trust us to make timely deliveries without compromising exceptionally high-quality outcomes aligned both with your budget constraints and meeting strict guidelines set forth by the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act.

Trust us today – guarantee yourself peace of mind when facing any waterproof-related issues!

South Africa’s Go-To Waterproofing Services Are Here

South Africa's Go-To Waterproofing Services Are Here

Discover affordable residential and commercial waterproofing solutions in South Africa, along with expert consultation and repair services.

Affordable Residential Waterproofing Solutions in South Africa

South African homeowners now have reliable solutions for residential waterproofing.

  • These affordable services range from minor leak repairs to comprehensive home weatherproofing, designed to withstand the harsh and varied South African climate conditions.

Specially tailored treatments such as cementitious waterproofing, liquid waterproofing membrane, and bituminous membrane are some of the numerous methods on offer.

  • Companies aim to deliver high-quality workmanship that guarantees durability and efficiency.

Choosing these professional waterproofing services in Johannesburg or other parts of South Africa means welcoming a damp-free living space with long-lasting protective measures against future water damage.

Affordable Commercial Waterproofing Solutions in South Africa

Finding affordable commercial water proofing solutions in South Africa has never been easier. Companies offer services tailored specifically to businesses.

  • These include leak repairs on roofs, maintenance of parking decks, and even balcony waterproofing.

Cities like Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban boast renowned specialist companies capable of providing expert services reliably.

  • With these professionals handling your project, you get the assurance that optimal methods will be used: from liquid applications to cold-applied membranes.
  • Costs can vary depending on several factors including the scale of the project and materials used but there’s transparency in the pricing structure across many service providers.

For those looking for broad-skilled contractors who prioritise customer satisfaction without breaking the bank, these affordable commercial waterproofing options are a great place to start exploring.

Affordable Waterproofing Consultation in South Africa

Our company extends professional and affordable waterproofing consultation services across South Africa.

  • The team comprises seasoned professionals equipped with unmatched expertise in various water proofing solutions, including basement waterproofing, roof waterproofing, damp proofing and many more.

With a firm commitment to quality service delivery, we provide on-site consultations tailored to each client’s specific needs.

  • Our expert assessments enable clients to understand the nature of their water-seepage issues better and offer appropriate moisture barrier installation or other specialized treatments required.

Unlike regular companies offering these services at steep rates, our approach remains grounded in affordability without compromising standards.

Notably, well-renowned entities have underscored our dedication by extending free consultations coupled with discounts for both waterproofing and damp proofing services.

Affordable Waterproofing Repair & Maintenance in South Africa

Professional companies specialize in affordable waterproofing solutions.

  • Their team comprises professionals who perform essential tasks, preventing costly damages and mould growth that can occur due to water leakage.

The expert contractors work with dedication, honing skills affiliated with the Waterproofing Federation of South Africa to assure customers get high-quality services tackling root causes of problems rather than superficial fixes.

  • Offerings from experts go beyond maintaining existing systems; they innovate comprehensive waterproofing solutions tailored to specific client needs.

With an array of services stretching across residential and commercial sectors, their focus remains on creating robust defence layers against potential water damage at pocket-friendly prices.

  • Waterproofed roofs not only protect buildings but also enhance property value by ensuring longevity.

Affordable doesn’t mean compromising on quality when it comes to expert services! Get your homes and offices protected today by availing of our budget-friendly packages catering to all your water proofing requirements.

11 Positives of Working with Professional Waterproofing Specialists

  1. Professional waterproofing specialists follow all crucial safety procedures during project execution.
  2. They prevent water or moisture damage to your property, preserving its value over time.
  3. High-quality work delivered by experts helps keep the building dry and inhibits mould growth.
  4. Utilizing durable and flexible materials like EPDM rubber in water proofing guarantees a longer-lasting solution.
  5. A properly installed waterproofing system mitigates the risk of severe structural damage caused by water infiltration.
  6. Specialists can deploy cost-effective solutions such as crystalline waterproofing that offer both durability and affordability.
  7. Waterproofing contractors provide expert advice on picking the right water-resistant coatings, leak repair strategies, and selecting other related services including damp proofing and roof water proofing solutions.
  8. Professionals can guide you through comprehensive moisture barrier installation while ensuring proper foundation sealing.
  9. They’re equipped with advanced tools and techniques for efficient leak detection, concrete water proofing, and mould remediation if necessary.
  10. Access to services such as emergency waterproofing, structural waterproofing inspections, bathroom water proofing solutions, and exterior wall or foundation sealing is often provided under one roof by these experts.
  11. Hiring professionals gives you peace of mind with warranties or guarantees on their services – something DIY cannot offer.

Various Waterproofing Solutions Options

Discover the process of liquid applications, torched membranes, and cold-applied membranes to find the right waterproofing solution for your needs.

What Entails the Process of Liquid Applications?

Liquid applications in the realm of waterproofing involve a meticulous three-step process.

  • The first step involves preparing the area by cleaning and priming it properly. Following this, experts apply a liquid using tools such as sprays, rollers, or trowels to create an impervious layer on the surface.

This usually consists of a thin coating with two topcoats for maximum effect.

Different types of liquid membranes come into play depending on the requirements at hand.

  • Water or acrylic-based options are popular due to their easy application and eco-friendly nature.

Likewise, polyurethane versions provide excellent flexibility and resistance towards abrasion while bituminous ones often get chosen for their longevity and stability against harsh conditions.

Understanding these nuances helps in selecting suitable solutions tailored to specific needs.

Unravelling the Mystery: What Are Torched Membranes?

Torched membranes rank highly among expert waterproofing solutions due to their effective water-resistant qualities.

  • These specialized materials contain a potent mix of bitumen and polymers, making them reliable tools for preventing water infiltration.

The application requires the use of a high-intensity torch flame, lending these elements their name – “torched” membranes.

The versatility of torched membranes is noteworthy as well; professionals can apply them on various surfaces such as walls, roofs, and foundations.

  • Their durability makes them an excellent choice for both residential waterproofing services and commercial water proofing needs.

Whether it’s for a humble South African home or large corporate buildings in Johannesburg, torched membrane installations offer long-lasting protection against environmental water damage.

Breaking Down the Term: What Are Cold Applied Membranes?

Cold-applied membranes are a type of liquid waterproofing system that is designed to provide a durable and flexible solution for protecting structures from water damage.

  • These membranes can be made from different materials such as polyurethanes, asphalt emulsions, PMMA, and PUMA.

They are commonly used on flat roofs, pitched roofs, domed roofs, and walls.

  • One of the key advantages of cold-applied membranes is that they create a seamless protective layer that helps prevent leaks and water infiltration.

These systems form a high molecular weight or cross-linking polymer when applied, which enhances their resistance to various weather conditions.

Additionally, cold-applied membranes offer quick installation and long-lasting performance for effective waterproofing solutions.

Contrasting Various Waterproofing Solutions Available in South Africa

Waterproofing Solution Details Pros Cons
Liquid Waterproofing Coatings These are applied onto surfaces in liquid form and form a thick, impermeable layer when dry. They offer good flexibility and adhesion, suitable for many different surfaces. They require careful application and can vary in durability depending on the quality.
Bituminous Membranes These are composed of layers of bitumen and are used widely in construction. They are strong, durable, and good at preventing water ingress. They can be vulnerable to UV damage and may require a protective coating.
Synthetic Single-Ply Membranes These are generally made from thermoplastic materials and used in roofing. They offer excellent UV resistance and have a long lifespan. They can be more expensive compared to other solutions.
Crystalline Waterproofing This technology uses a unique system to waterproof concrete. It’s a durable solution that can self-heal microcracks. It might not be suitable for all types of structures and surfaces.

6 Waterproofing Concerns and Methods of Repair

Waterproofing Concerns and Methods of Repair:

  1. Leaks: One of the main concerns when it comes to waterproofing is dealing with leaks. These can occur in various areas, such as roofs, basements, or walls. To repair leaks, methods such as patching holes, applying sealants or coatings, and replacing damaged materials may be used.
  2. Cracks: Cracks in surfaces can compromise the waterproofing system and allow water to seep through. Repair methods for cracks include filling them with epoxy or polyurethane injections, using waterproofing membranes or coatings, and reinforcing the affected area with additional materials.
  3. Moisture Damage: Excessive moisture can lead to issues like mould growth, rotting wood, or corrosion of metal structures. Repairing moisture damage often involves removing affected materials, treating the area with fungicides or anti-corrosion agents, and replacing damaged elements.
  4. Improper Drainage: Poor drainage systems can contribute to water accumulation and increase the risk of leakage. Installing proper drainage systems like gutters, downspouts, and French drains is crucial for preventing water from pooling around structures.
  5. Inadequate Waterproofing Materials: Using subpar or incompatible water proofing materials can result in failures and subsequent water penetration. Repair methods may include removing the faulty material and replacing it with a more suitable option that matches the specific requirements of the surface being waterproofed.
  6. Poor Workmanship: Incorrect installation techniques or lack of attention to detail during the waterproofing process can lead to failures later on. Addressing poor workmanship involves fixing any mistakes made during installation and ensuring that proper techniques are followed for future repairs or maintenance.

Contrasting Waterproofing Contractor Skills vs DIY Strategies

DIY Strategies Waterproofing Contractor Skills
Experience May lack the necessary experience and knowledge about waterproofing systems. Has specialized knowledge and years of experience in waterproofing. They are well-versed in using different membranes and coatings to prevent water penetration.
Quality of Work Quality might vary greatly depending on the individual’s skills and understanding of waterproofing systems. Offers high-quality workmanship. Their application of sealants, coatings, and other materials to surfaces ensures the prevention of water penetration.
Cost While initially cost-effective, mistakes or incorrect applications could lead to greater expenses in the long run. Though it may seem costly at first, hiring a professional contractor can save potential costs by preventing water damage effectively from the start.
Time A DIY approach can be time-consuming, especially for those without experience. Contractors are able to complete the job faster due to their expertise and familiarity with the waterproofing systems and processes.
Monitoring and Control DIY waterproofing may lack the necessary cost control and monitoring measures. Professional contractors implement cost control and monitoring measures as part of their job, ensuring the project stays within budget and time frame.

8 Strengths of hiring professional Waterproofing Contractors near me

  1. Professional waterproofing contractors have the necessary skills and expertise to effectively address various waterproofing issues.
  2. They are experienced in identifying and diagnosing the root cause of the problem, ensuring a thorough and accurate solution.
  3. Hiring a professional contractor ensures that the work is completed efficiently and within a reasonable timeframe.
  4. These contractors use high-quality materials and equipment for their water proofing projects, guaranteeing long-lasting results.
  5. Professional waterproofing contractors provide warranties or guarantees for their work, giving you peace of mind in case any issues arise.
  6. They have access to specialized tools and techniques that are not typically available to DIY enthusiasts, ensuring a more effective and efficient water proofing solution.
  7. Hiring professionals saves you time and effort as they take care of all aspects of the waterproofing project, from inspection to repair or installation.
  8. Professional contractors know local building codes and regulations, ensuring their work complies with the necessary standards.

2024 South Africa Waterproofing Fees and Prices Structure [Price List]

Waterproofing fees and pricing in South Africa can vary depending on the type of waterproofing service you need.

Torch-on waterproofing, which involves applying torch-applied membranes to create a watertight barrier, typically ranges from R200/sqm to R400/sqm.

On the other hand, bitumen spray-on water proofing, where a liquid bitumen is sprayed onto the surface, costs between R300/sqm to R500/sqm.

  • When it comes to roof waterproofing, the cost can vary significantly and range from R3 000 to R100 000.

It’s important to note that these prices are subject to change and may vary based on factors such as the size of the area being waterproofed and any additional repair work needed.

  • To get an accurate cost estimation for your specific project in 2023, it’s best to obtain quotes from professional service providers in your area.

What Affects the Waterproofing Prices in South Africa? Examining the Factors

  • The size of the project: Larger projects generally require more materials and labour, which can increase the overall cost of waterproofing.
  • Type of material used: Different water proofing materials have varying costs, with some being more expensive than others. The type of material chosen for the project will impact the final price.
  • Number of coats required: Depending on the level of protection needed, multiple coats of waterproofing may be necessary. Each additional coat adds to the overall cost.
  • Labour expenses: The cost of water proofing installation includes labour fees, which can vary based on the complexity and duration of the project.
  • Access to the area: If the area that needs water proofing is difficult to access or requires special equipment, it may increase the overall price.
  • Condition of existing surfaces: If there are existing issues or damage that need to be addressed before waterproofing can be done, it can add to the total cost.
  • Location: Waterproofing prices can vary depending on where you are in South Africa. Factors like transportation costs and local market conditions can influence pricing.
  • Warranty and guarantees: Some contractors offer warranties or guarantees for their work, which could affect the pricing.
  • Additional services required: If additional services such as mould remediation or leak detection are needed along with water proofing, it can impact the overall cost.
  • Complexity of the project: Projects that involve intricate designs or unique challenges may require specialized techniques and expertise, which can affect pricing.

Find Waterproofing Services in Different Provinces and Areas of South Africa

Find Waterproofing Services in Different Provinces and Areas of South Africa

  1. Experts Provide waterproofing solutions across South Africa.
  2. Specializing in larger projects, experts offer their services in Gauteng, Pretoria, and other provinces.
  3. Offering a range of water proofing services, experts are available in different areas of South Africa.
  4. With their team of experts, professional companies provide top-notch waterproofing solutions in various provinces.
  5. This company specializes in water proofing and has a presence across different areas of South Africa.

Conclusion: Your Area’s Best Waterproofing Specialists – Ready to Hire!

Conclusion: Your Area’s Best Waterproofing Specialists - Ready to Hire!

Hire your area’s top waterproofing specialists for the best results. Don’t wait until water damage becomes a problem – take proactive steps to protect your property with professional water proofing services.

Contact us today and ensure the longevity and durability of your home or building.


1. What exactly is waterproofing?

Waterproofing involves using products like waterproofers, primer and water proofing sealants to make roofs, walls, decks or balconies resilient against water leakage.

2. Can I carry out the Waterproofing myself?

Yes, there are DIY water proofing solutions available that you may use for minor tasks such as painting a room with waterproof paints or applying water-repellent products to an area.

3. How much does professional Waterproofing cost?

Prices vary based on several factors including the size of the space requiring treatment and labour costs; however, a water proofing cost estimate can be provided by most commercial and residential services upon request.

4. What kind of services do professional Waterproofers provide?

Waterproofers offer a range of services including crawlspace encapsulation, exterior foundation water proofing for flood prevention and mould remediation along with emergency service options.

5. Are Waterproofers’ works usually warranted?

Yes! Many companies will provide guarantees or warranties on their work along with offering affordable packages and deals for their high-quality services.

6. How does one maintain the condition after conducting Waterproof repairing?

The key lies in regular inspections and maintenance to help ensure longevity while preventing mildew growth; additionally, some companies even offer ongoing maintenance deals.