Make use of our tree services platform to locate a nearby Tree Felling Specialist who’s prepared to assist with cutting, trimming, and removal of trees.

Make use of our tree services platform to locate a nearby Tree Felling Specialist who’s prepared to assist with cutting, trimming, and removal of trees.


Our tree services platform is a valuable tool to connect you with an experienced Tree Felling Specialist in your vicinity.

This ensures prompt access to professional help when you need it most for tasks such as tree cutting, trimming, and removal.

These specialists embody a perfect blend of skill and tireless dedication that can transform your yard into an enviable outdoor retreat.

With our platform, navigating through the complex processes of finding reliable arborists is simplified.

  • The featured professionals are experts at handling various types of trees from palm trees to hedges.

They provide comprehensive services including emergency tree felling for unexpected situations as well as meticulous maintenance for the health and beauty of your landscape.

Save time by pinpointing professionals who are ready to offer local tree felling services tailored according to your unique needs and preferences right on our platform.

7 Reasons you should hire a local professional Tree Felling company.

7 Reasons you should hire a local professional Tree Felling company.

  1. A local tree felling company provides liability protection – damage caused during the process is covered by the professionals, saving you from unnecessary expenses.
  2. Engaging a reputable tree felling company eradicates potential safety hazards – with expertise in safely cutting down trees, these professionals reduce personal risks.
  3. Save time and effort – Tree felling can be a daunting task; allow experts to handle it promptly and efficiently.
  4. Avoid unexpected costs and fines – Professionals are aware of local regulations and charges associated with tree removal, which means no surprise bills for you.
  5. Expert handling of emergency situations – Companies offering emergency tree felling services can handle storm-damaged trees, ensuring quick clearance and reduced risk.
  6. Preserving aesthetic value – With certified arborists on board, your compound’s beauty stands to benefit as they offer precise tree trimming and beneficial pruning services.
  7. Professional tree removal services tackle large trees with ease – No need to worry about dealing with enormous trees yourself when experts have the right equipment for safe removal.

6 Benefits of utilizing Tree Felling Services in South Africa.

  1. Improves Property Appearance: Skilled tree fellers enhance the aesthetics of your property by expertly removing trees that obstruct views or negatively impact the landscape.
  2. Provides Insurance Coverage: Professional tree felling companies carry liability insurance, offering protection against any potential accidents or damages during tree removal.
  3. Ensures Efficient Tree Removal: Experienced professionals perform the task efficiently and neatly, causing minimal disruption to your property.
  4. Offers Cost Savings: With services stretching even to areas like Edenvale, the accessibility to professional tree felling services allows for competitive pricing and market expansion.
  5. Enhances Safety: Employing tree felling services to remove dead or hazardous trees significantly reduces risks posed by falling branches or toppling trees.
  6. Mitigates Risk of Damage: Well-trained tree fellers employ appropriate techniques when handling trees, reducing the risk of damage to surrounding property structures.

Comparing the costs in South Africa and the benefits of doing it yourself versus hiring Professional Tree Fellers Near you.

The cost and benefits of tree felling vary significantly based on whether you opt for a do-it-yourself approach or hire a professional.

Criteria DIY Tree Felling Hiring a Professional
Cost Variable, may exceed R8500 without the necessary tools and skills. Approximately R5500, but can vary based on the size and type of tree.
Safety Riskier as it lacks professional expertise and equipment. Safer due to professionals’ experience, skills, and equipment.
Efficiency Can be time-consuming and less efficient without professional knowledge. Efficient due to professionals’ expertise and specialised equipment.
Potential for Unforeseen Costs High, due to potential property damage or injury. Low, as professionals are trained to manage unexpected situations.

In sum, hiring a professional tree feller in South Africa proves to be a safer, more efficient, and generally cost-effective option.

Tree Services available in South Africa by our expert tree fellers include:

Our expert tree fellers offer a range of tree services in South Africa, including

  • Tree felling for residential and commercial properties
  • Emergency tree felling
  • Comprehensive tree removals
  • Professional tree cutting
  • Precise tree trimming
  • Expert tree pruning
  • Thorough stump grinding and removal
  • Maintenance of palm trees and hedges

Tree Felling for residential properties all around South Africa.

Professional Tree Felling services are provided for residential properties throughout South Africa.

  • These services cater to the local needs of homeowners ensuring tree maintenance, which is crucial for a healthy environment and aesthetically pleasing landscapes.

To ensure quality outcomes, advanced techniques and professional-grade equipment are used by our experts in dealing with all sizes and types of trees.

  • Safety measures are meticulously observed during operations, making certain that none of your property gets damaged in the process.

Affordable rates apply across regions from Johannesburg to Pretoria, making these essential services accessible to all residents who need them.

Tree Felling for commercial properties is available nationwide.

Commercial properties throughout the nation can readily access our top-notch tree felling services.

  • Understanding the need to ensure safety, aesthetic appeal, and compliance with local ordinances, we handle your requirements efficiently and professionally.

Whether you’re managing an office park that needs routine maintenance or overseeing a construction project that calls for large-scale removals, there’s no task too big for our expert tree fellers.

Furthermore, emergency tree felling is always available for those unforeseen circumstances requiring swift action.

  • So rest assured knowing that wherever your commercial property exists in South Africa, we’ve got all your Tree Felling needs covered!

Emergency Tree Felling for those unexpected situations.

Unexpected situations such as storms, or a tree becoming suddenly unstable can lead to an urgent need for emergency tree felling.

  • During these critical instances, our expert arborists are ready and equipped to carry out safe and effective work throughout South Africa.

Our well-trained team understands the complexities of dealing with potentially hazardous trees which might pose immediate risks to people and properties.

We promptly respond to your call for help with advanced tools and safety procedures that comply with international standards.

  • After removing any fallen debris or confounding obstacles, we also ensure a thorough assessment of neighbouring trees to prevent future threats.

The hassle-free cleanup promise aims at leaving your surroundings clean and risk-free after the task completion.

  • Notably, such services are essential in maintaining property safety against unexpected catastrophes involving troublesome foliage.

Comprehensive Tree Removals in every part of South Africa.

No matter where you’re located in South Africa, our team of professionals can help with comprehensive tree removals.

Services are available to both commercial and residential customers in areas including Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Cape Town.

  • We believe in offering a thorough job by implementing the right tools and techniques to make your property safer while promoting efficiency.

We cater to urgent situations too with emergency tree felling service that’s accessible 24/7 for unexpected circumstances.

  • Rest easy knowing we have certified arborists versed in local tree species and environmental considerations ensuring your trees are cared for expertly.

On Offer: Professional Tree Cutting near me

South Africa offers professional tree cutting services near you. These services are provided by expert tree felling teams who specialize in safe and efficient tree removal.

  • With their advanced equipment and knowledge, they can handle the cutting of trees for both residential and commercial properties.

Whether you need precise tree trimming or thorough stump grinding, these professionals have got you covered. They also offer maintenance services for palm trees and hedges to keep your landscape looking beautiful.

  • So, if you’re in need of professional tree cutting near you, look no further than South Africa’s top-notch tree felling companies.

Precise Tree Trimming for a neat yard.

Our expert tree felling services also offer precise tree trimming to help you maintain a neat and tidy yard. With years of experience, our professional team knows exactly how to trim trees effectively, ensuring that they remain healthy while enhancing the overall appearance of your property.

  • By using the right tools and techniques, we can give your trees a clean and well-maintained look, removing any overgrown or damaged branches.

Trust us to provide precise tree trimming services that will leave your yard looking neat and beautiful.

Expert Tree Pruning for the health of your trees.

Expert tree pruning is an essential practice for maintaining the health of your trees. In South Africa, professional tree felling services offer expert tree trimming and pruning to keep your trees in optimal condition.

Tree trimming involves removing dead or diseased branches, which not only improves the overall appearance but also promotes healthy growth.

  • By eliminating these hazardous branches, you can prevent potential accidents and ensure the safety of your property.

Regular pruning and trimming help maintain the structural integrity of your trees while enhancing their aesthetic appeal.

  • Trust the expertise of professional tree fellers to provide precise and effective pruning services for the long-term health of your trees.

Thorough Stump Grinding & Removal.

Professional tree fellers in South Africa offer thorough stump grinding and removal services as part of their tree cutting solutions.

  • These skilled and affordable services are essential to ensure the complete eradication of trees and prevent potential hazards.

Stump grinding and removal not only eliminates unsightly stumps but also helps maintain safety in your outdoor space.

Whether it’s a residential or commercial property, professional tree feller services prioritize safety and efficiency, making sure that all traces of the tree are removed, including the stump.

By enlisting the help of experts, you can have peace of mind knowing that your landscape will be left immaculate after the thorough stump grinding and removal process is completed.

Maintenance of Palm Trees & Hedges to beautify your landscape.

Maintaining palm trees and hedges is vital for enhancing the beauty of your landscape. Regular trimming, pruning, and proper care ensure that these plants stay healthy and vibrant.

  • With the help of expert tree fellers in South Africa, you can easily maintain your palm trees and hedges without any hassle.

These professionals offer affordable prices for their services and provide everything from fertilizer to irrigation to mulching.

By keeping your palm trees well-maintained, you not only enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your property but also prevent potential nesting spots for pests such as rats and possums.

A list of Areas and Cities in South Africa where you can find our Professional Tree Felling Services.

Our Professional Tree Felling Services can be found in all South African provinces, including Johannesburg, Cape Town, Centurion, Durban, Randburg, Pietermaritzburg, and many more.

Local Tree Fellers cover all South African Provinces.

Local Tree Fellers is your go-to tree felling service provider that operates in all provinces of South Africa.

  • Whether you are in Gauteng, Western Cape, or KwaZulu-Natal, our team of professionals can assist you with all your tree felling needs.

We understand the unique characteristics and requirements of each region, ensuring that we provide tailored services to meet your specific needs.

  • With our extensive coverage across the country, you can trust us to handle any tree service project with precision and expertise.

No matter where you are located, Local Tree Fellers near me is here to cater to your tree felling needs.

A glance at the Latest Tree Felling Prices in South Africa for the year 2023, complete with a price list table.

A glance at the Latest Tree Felling Prices in South Africa for the year 2023, complete with a price list table.

The latest tree felling prices in South Africa for the year 2023 are as follows:

  • You can expect general tree felling prices to range from R850 to R8500.
  • The average cost of tree felling in South Africa for 2023 is estimated to be between R1000 and R3000.
  • In Pretoria, prices for tree felling services include R900 to R4,500+ for tree stump removal.
  • The rate of tree debris removal in Pretoria is R150 to R250 per hour.
  • Palm tree trimming in Pretoria costs between R200 to R300 per palm tree.
  • Skilled tree felling services in South Africa are available at these affordable rates.

Customers can request a personalized quote to get a precise idea of tree felling prices in South Africa in 2023. The final cost of may depend on factors such as tree size, site conditions, and location.

  • For felling one tree in South Africa, the cost is typically between R1000 and R3000 on average.

In conclusion: For the best value for your money, choose Local Tree Fellers for all your tree services needs in your area!

In conclusion: For the best value for your money, choose Local Tree Fellers for all your tree services needs in your area!

Choose Local Tree Fellers for all your tree services needs in your area and get the best value for your money.

  • With our professional tree felling specialists, you can ensure that your trees are cut, trimmed, or removed safely and efficiently.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for expert tree services near you!


1. What does tree felling mean?

Tree felling refers to the process of cutting down trees, often carried out by professional tree fellers or arborists.

2. How do I find reliable tree felling services near me?

Just type “tree fellers near me” into a search engine to find local tree services in your area including areas like Pretoria East, Port Elizabeth and Durban North.

3. What can a professional tree feller offer?

Professional tree surgeons can provide various services such as stump grinding, root removal, clearing large trees dealing with hazardous ones along offering emergency operations.

4. Are there any safety procedures for tree felling?

Yes indeed! The safety procedures are crucial to ensure the safe removal of trees without causing damage or harm.

5. Is it expensive to hire a professional for felling trees?

The cost of hiring professionals varies based on factors like size and location of the tree among others; searching with keywords like “tree felling cost” may help you get an estimate.

6. Can these services handle emergencies too?

Yes! Many companies also offer emergency service when immediate attention is necessary for reasons such as storm-damage or potential property hazard due to ill health of the tree.