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Protect Your Property with Electric Fencing

Our company offers Electric Fencing installations at the Lowest Prices. We supply electric fencing supplies and materials for all levels of electric fencing including garden fences, orchards and special needs livestock fencing. You will find everything you need for your Electric Fence.

Electric Fencing

Our company offers the best quality electric fence products at the lowest price – you’ll find a selection of electric fence chargers, connectors & insulators, wire & tape, and speciality electric fence systems.

100% Residential Electric Fencing

Our company offers Residential Electric Fencing. Our fences are sturdy and built to protect against even the most determined intruders. With features like three strands of barbed wire and fencing, you can count on our products to keep your loved ones and valuables safe.

Residential Electric Fencing

Best Deals on Commercial Electric Fencing

Our company offers Commercial Electric Fencing installation and repairs across South Africa. Our certified technician’s design and install new fence systems, and repair or replace old fences. We always offer free quotes on all potential businesses.

Electric fencing for farms

We offer a wide range of options to meet your fencing needs. Our trained and licensed professionals can help you find the best fencing solutions for your farm. We offer many fencing types and our knowledgeable staff can help you determine the right type for your farm’s specific needs.

Learn the Advantages of Electric Fencing

If you are searching for an effective way to manage your garden and pets, check out electric fencing. It is one of the most delightful and easy to use methods available.

Do you know that electric fences have a lot of benefits apart from protecting you and your family from wild animals? They are more than just boundaries that keep out intruders. These days, they can offer a lot more. If you want to find out how then stick around and discover the advantages of electric fences.

  • Perfect for your garden or farm; protect your home and make it a haven for you and your loved ones.
  • Provide greater security than traditional barbed wire
  • Electric fence is an inexpensive and effective option for your yard or farm.
  • A very efficient alternative to limiting pet movement.
  • Contains your livestock and keep them safe from predators.

If you are looking for the best service and a free quotation, call us today!

What is Electric Fencing and how does it work?

Electric Fencing is a system that will help contain or exclude animals and deter/prevent damage to your property. Different types of fencing systems are used to target different species of animals. It is a psychological barrier rather than a physical one. It factors on the flight reaction of animals and uses the shock effect of its electric pulse to condition them to avoid it.

The electric fencing consists of an electrical circuit and when in proper working order will comprise a power source (fence charged), conductor (wire), and an earth connection. All three components must be present to complete the electrical circuit. The earth is normally achieved using some sort of terminal as part of the fencer/charger, with a grounding rod buried deep into the ground.

We offer the BEST Electric Fencing

The absolute electric fencing prices best deals you can get in South Africa are now available, Whatsapp now to chat directly with our security consultant, who will help you source the right products and services at the right price!

Get your prices for electric fencing Here

Did you know that the electric fencing is perfect for restraining your canines and felines within their specific area? Electric fencing is a reliable and one of the most cost-effective ways to keep your pets safe in any area. We are available to discuss your requirements and are just a phone call away!

What is Electric fence price per meter South Africa?

Different configurations and connections of electric fence materials include an energiser, wire and posts. Prices per meter of electric fencing given are for the configuration with the least complexity, a single strand of wire designed to keep small animals in a smaller area.

Electric fence price per meter South Africa

What Types of electric fencing wire do you get?

Electric fencing involves the use of two types of wire: one that creates the electrical charge and another to keep the livestock away from the electrical fence.

Galvanized or high tensile steel, aluminized steel, aluminium, copper, poly wire and polytape are all common types of wire used in electric fence systems.

electric fencing wire

The purpose of electric fencing is to provide an easily visible physical barrier, which is electrified to deter animals from passing through it. Electric fencing can be used to contain small livestock and pets, as a deterrent for larger animals such as cows or elk, or as a security fence to prevent trespassing.

Steel wire

You can rely upon our steel electric fence wire. Our steel wire is easy to cut and twist with a standard pair of cutters or gloves. Steel wire fences have been used for decades because of their low maintenance, durability, and low cost. Steel electric fence wire, also called High-Tensile Field Fence is produced with high-quality low-carbon steel wire.

Aluminium wire

Our company offers aluminium wire electric fence, the feature of the product is heat resistance and corrosion resistance, which is a good material for electric fence. It is a high-voltage power supply system that supplies voltage to the broken ring of the protective ring through a self-excited AC or DC pulse signal generator. When an intruder touches the wire, an alarm signal is immediately sent to the control box to trigger an alarm or other action.

Copper wire

We are offering a copper wire electric fence. Copper is a strong and durable metal, which makes it an excellent conductor of electricity. With a single-core, Copper wire electric fence is more durable and practical than other electric wires.


Polywire electric fence consists of stainless-steel wires and conductive filaments woven into a thick white polymer. It is a high-quality, reliable and economical solution for electrified fencing. Because it’s lightweight, it offers less wind drag than another electric fencing products-an important factor in areas with high winds.

Get Protected – Electric Fencing Livestock

Livestock electric fencing is one of the best ways to deter livestock from wandering onto your property or, worse, away from their safe pasture. Our company offers a variety of products to help you keep your animals safe without breaking your bank.

The most reliable electric fences are permanently wired and solar-powered systems that combine conductor wires with electric fencer units.

Our company deals in metal electric fencing for livestock use in the SA. We offer unique products for creating electric fencing for your land. These include highly durable chicken wire, rabbit fencing, sheep fencing or electric horse fencing available at competitive prices from us. Our fencing supplies are made from high-quality materials ensuring completely safe quality products.

Electric fencing consists of three components:

The three components of electric fencing are energizer, wire, and posts. These parts supply power to the electric fence so that it can deliver a shock to an animal or intruder at the time of installation.

Is Electric fencing is extremely effective?

It’s been a longstanding truth that electric fencing is by far the best type of fencing. Not only is it highly cost-effective, but also incredibly easy to install, maintain and use. If you’re still using old-fashioned methods of fencing, then you need to get with the times. An electric fence will solve all your problems, and more.

Electric fences are a great way of protecting your yard, home or business property. They cannot just keep animals off but also keep them in the fence line. They are simple and easy to install and maintain.

Protect your Sheep – Sheep electric fence

Electric fencing for sheep is an effective barrier against different types of animals. Poultry, foxes, bears, wolves, and other predators will not be able to get into your enclosure to harm livestock and plunder them. Sheep electric fence is designed and built with the practical needs of today’s sheep producer in mind.

Need Electric fencing for sheep?

We specialize in manufacturing innovative electric fencing equipment that is suitable for sheep farmers. From electric fences, netting, and power systems to our world-renowned livestock management products, we have got it covered. Our full range of electrical products will hold your sheep and chickens safe from predators

Does electric fence work for sheep?

For the protection of sheep, there is nothing better than electric fencing for sheep and it can be effective even if it does not have a net. The purpose of an electric fence is to prevent intrusion by keeping animals inside or outside.

Best electric fence for sheep

The best type of electric fence for sheep is one that is set up in such a way to be effective against predators even when it is not electrified.

Portable electric fence for sheep

With our portable electric fence for sheep, you can relax. You can just set up the fence and plug it in—and then go back to bed! Our product will do the rest. With the harness built into the fence itself, there’s no need to keep your animals in a pen or give them special collars. Just hook them up and let them wander freely until you’re ready to get them back in. It’s that easy!

Sheep electric fencing systems

Electric fences are the most effective way to keep your sheep contained, and our lines of fences can be customized to fit your unique needs. We can build fences that are as simple or complex as you need them to be.

Secure your Cattle with Electric fencing for cattle

With our fence, you can secure your cattle in the field while they’re eating so they don’t run off while they’re grazing. The fence will also function when the cattle are inside their pens at night or during bad weather conditions, so you won’t have to worry about them trying to escape.

How many volts is an electric fence for cattle?

Electric fencing for cattle is designed to give them a sharp, brief shock when they touch it. The voltage will never exceed 10,000 volts, but it seldom exceeds 5,000 volts.

Installing an electric fence for cattle with proper voltage is crucial to keeping your herd safe and properly contained. In this case, it can be helpful to have a guide that tells you the optimal voltages for cattle.

What is the best electric fence for cattle?

The best electric fence for cattle is one that is properly maintained and monitored. An electric fence should be much more than just a barrier to keep cows from escaping—it should be a way to keep the cattle safe, healthy, and happy.

A well-designed and properly maintained fence will keep your cattle from running into an unsafe situation, separating them from their calves and mates, or causing them to wander away from water sources, food resources, or shelter. It will help you ensure that the cattle are receiving the proper nutrition they need while also allowing them to have time outside and socialize with other animals.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best electric fence for your cattle.

  • What is your budget?
  • How many miles of fence do you need?
  • Do you need to contain calves or just adult cattle?
  • Do you want an AC or DC, and how many volts do you need?
  • Are you looking for a temporary fence, or do you want something that will last for a lifetime?

Get your Electric fencing goats HERE!

Our company provides goats with electric fencing systems. This is used as a protective measure to ensure the goats do not get out of their compact location. The electric fencing we provide is made by the most trusted manufacturers and are ensured to last.

Need Electric fencing for pets?

Electric fencing is the most effective way to protect your pets from the outside world, it eliminates any issues with escape risks. We take this security seriously, our subsurface kit is designed to withstand any weather condition, meaning that when you come home they will still be home too

Get Electric fencing for dogs

Secure your pet in your yard with this electric fencing system. It uses shock therapy to teach dogs their boundaries and is easily adjustable to fit any size yard. The compact design and quick installation of this fencing make it ideal for pet owners living in rental properties or on small lots.

Learn more about Electric fence dogs

Enforce a fence boundary so your dog will not wander away with this electric fencing system. We’re committed to making it easier for you to have a safe and loving home full of happy pets. Call our company today to get more information about this amazing product.

Need Electric fencing for cats?

Our electronic cat fencing uses positive/negative reinforcement to train your cat not to cross the boundary of your yard. Our pet fence also helps stop raccoons, possums, and other critters from digging up your yard and spreading disease. Electric fencing for cats has got your furry friend covered to venture outside.

Cat fencing South Africa

Our Company offers Cat fencing in South Africa at affordable prices. We have a wide range of beautiful designs and colours to choose from. We guarantee superior workmanship and are proud of the fact that our clientele finds comfort in dealing with us.

Discounted Rates – Electric fencing horses

We offer the best temporary and permanent electric fencing for horses including portable fences, electric netting, poly tape, rope, and wire. We have the perfect pasture solution for you and your horse.

Pet electric fence

Electric fences for pets are a unique way of keeping your dog and other pets within the boundaries of your yard. They’re quick and easy to install and have no visual impact on your yard. Plus, they rely on a harmless static correction to keep dogs from straying and come with customizable features for varying degrees of correction. Call us today for a free quotation!

FAST Electric fence installations throughout SA

Electric fence installations will keep your home or business premises safe. They are becoming the desired security solution, due to the numerous armed robberies in South Africa. When installed correctly and with good quality components, offer superb protection, giving you total peace of mind.

Electric fence installations

3 Main Types of Electric Fence Installations

Permanent, semi-permanent, and portable are the main types of electric fence installations you can choose. Our company can assist with all 3 types.


Most electric fences are used today for agricultural fencing and other forms of animal control, although they are frequently used to enhance the security of sensitive areas. Unlike many other types of fencing, permanent electric fences are affordable and easily constructed. We specialize in the installation of these permanent units and use top quality Perimeter Security products to give our clients the peace of mind they deserve


We offer semi-permanent electric fence installations. Our top priority is safety, so we install galvanized electric wires and high-quality electrical components. You can be confident that our fences will not have any short or open circuits.


Portable electric fences can be moved and set up anywhere we want. These fences are best for temporary electric fence applications such as construction sites, building job sites, and agricultural applications.

If you have problems with animals, but don’t want to build an entire fence, the portable electric fence could be your solution. It’s simple to use and an effective way of keeping animals away from specific areas of your property.

Indeed economical way to create a temporary barrier for protecting livestock, horses, gardens and families. It also has the advantage of being able to be reused in different areas and is relocatable without the use of tools. The portable electric fence can also be used to move animals on a range, pack into storage during the off-season or quickly transport them across large distances.

Get the BEST Electric fence installation prices HERE!

More recently, electric fences are used as a cheap alternative to traditional physical fence installation. For pricing on your fence, including labour, materials, rental of power tools, and other equipment, our company is happy to determine what will be the most cost-effective product for you.

Electric fence installation prices HERE

Find Electric fence installation near me

When you start thinking about electric fence installation near me, you must make sure that everything is done so that your animals are safe. We are massively experienced in all forms of electric fence installation work and we can install a brand new electric fence or repair an existing one.

Accredited Electric Fencing Installers

Electric Fencing Installation is our business. We’ve been at it for years and know the industry like no one else. No one has the reputation or experience that we do in installing fences with Electric Fencing. It’s what we do. It’s all we do. And we do it well.

We have worked on homes, farms, horse riding centres and many other types of venues. We have gained an excellent reputation for the high quality of our installations and maintain this by using only the best materials and professional standards in everything we do.

Electric Fencing Installers

Our company offers quality services, and our team specializes in all kinds of fencing. Whether you need a great deal on tall fences or merely require some assistance with short fences, we have the right services for you. We have satisfied many customers in the past, so we know first-hand how to exceed your expectations.

Find Electric fence installers near me

Electric fences have been in use for years, and they’ve proven their ability to effectively manage the movement of animals. They are easy to install and effective at deterring trespassing animals. Looking for an electric fence installer near me? Our company is here for you.

24/7 Electric Fence Repairs

Our company offers same-day electric fence repairs to help keep your customers, home, and animals safe and sound. We repair all types of fences, from cattle fences to dog fences, and our technicians will travel to wherever the damage is located. Give us a call today!

Electric Fence Repairs

SAVE Money with our electric fencing repairs service

We realize that your electric fence is your first line of defence in protecting your home, property, animals, and family. When your electric fence is damaged or not working properly, time is of the essence. That’s why we offer Same-Day Electric Fence Repairs seven days a week at the best competitive price.

Find Electric fence repairs near me

As with any other mechanical device, electric fences also require maintenance and repair to ensure that they continue to perform optimally and don’t pose hazards or injury to animals or people. For electric fence repairs near me, contact our company for the best assistance.

Get Livestock Fence Repairs HERE!

We have professionally trained in barn and fence repair as well as all repairs to livestock fencing. We take care of it from start to finish so the only thing you have to do is sit back and relax while it’s all done for you.

What is Energizer for electric fence?

Energizer for an electric fence is one of the most important fencing accessories on the market today. It is an electronic system that helps to provide electricity to your fence to make it more effective. One of the main tasks of a fence energizer is to send signals from a source of current to the fence charger.

Energizer for electric fence

If you have ever used an electric fence and are looking for a new way to maintain it, we have a great product. Our new Energizer is the best we’ve ever come up with and we are excited to offer it to you now. The Energizer gives you more power for your fencing, ensuring that it will work as effectively as it does in your mind.

Explain – Electric fence energizer

This is a small electric current device that supplies power to the electric fence. This small electric current device can be powered by a battery, solar, or other electric generators. It is the most important component of your electric fence.

Solar energizer for electric fence

A solar energizer for the electric fence is an electrical device that can be used to power an electric fence. It works on the principle of storing energy in a battery which is then used to power the fence through energizers when needed. A solar panel, deep cycle batteries and a solar charge controller make up this system. Solar charges controllers are also known as PWM controllers or MPPT controllers depending upon whether they work on pulse width modulation or maximum power point tracking technology.

How long does an electric fence battery last?

The effectiveness of your electric fence depends on several factors, the most important being the fence charger and the batteries. Batteries can last 3 to 6 months depending on how frequently they are used. The length of an electric fence battery’s lifespan is determined by the frequency of the charge cycle and the type of charger used.

Get the BEST Prices – Energizer for electric fence prices

Electric fence energizer prices vary widely. Factors that affect the price include the type of fence, how much you will be using, and how quickly it needs to be installed. The energizer requires a source of electricity, such as solar panels or a generator, and it controls the electricity running through the wires and keeps the fence charged. It also has a control panel that allows you to set up your fence for any situation.

WhatsApp us – Electric fence energizer for sale

If you are looking to buy an electric fence energizer, look no further. Our company has a large supply of electric fence energizers for sale. We use the highest quality materials in the construction of our electric fence energizers.

Need Electrician certificate of compliance?

If you are installing a new service or making alterations to existing services, you’ll need to ensure you comply with electrical laws and codes. Our company provides electrician certification of compliance. Call us today for assistance on all your electrical needs.

Get your Electric fence COC certificate from us!

We can help you get your electric fence COC certificate with a minimum of fuss. Our company provides an online service where you can give us all the information that is needed to do the assessment. If there are any problems, we will let you know right away what needs to be done to resolve them.

SPECIALS – COC certificate price

For the most competitive price on COC certification, call our company today!

Areas we offer Installation & Repairs in:

Electric Fencing Johannesburg

Our company offers Electric Fencing, Installation, Repair and Maintenance. We are one of the leading electric fencing companies based in Johannesburg.

Electric Fencing Johannesburg

Electric Fence Installation Johannesburg

Indeed our company is your premier Electric fencing installation company in Johannesburg. We offer electric fencing repairs, services, and installations.

Electric Fence Installers Johannesburg

Welcome to Electric Fencing Johannesburg. We are proud to offer our clients the best quality fencing solutions and now we have expanded across Gauteng into several areas around the city such as Pretoria and Centurion because people demand high efficiency.

Electric Fence Repairs Johannesburg

Our company offers Electric Fence Repairs Johannesburg. We can perform repairs on most electric fences, no matter what the ensure and brand is.

Electric Fencing Alberton

Electric fences are quite often the first line of defence against any would-be intruders. These can also act as a way of containing animals in a certain area. At electric fencing Alberton, we are here for all your fencing needs.

Electric Fence Installation Alberton

Electric Fencing installation is not a task you want to do. It takes careful consideration and expert knowledge of all the variables that affect electric fencing to produce a long-lasting, electrically sound fence. Call our experts today for the quality installations you deserve.

Electric Fence Installers Alberton

Because of the growing demand for our services, we have extended our operations and are now the best Electric Fence Installers Alberton. We specialize in both domestic and commercial installations, repairs, and maintenance of existing systems.

Electric Fence Repairs Alberton

Our company offers the best Electric Fence Repairs Alberton. We make sure that you are at all times safe and secure. Our team of experts uses only the latest technology to offer your Electric Fence Repairs, Electric Fencing, and everything involved with that in Alberton.

Electric Fencing Boksburg

Our company offers the best Electric Fencing Boksburg services in Boksburg and surrounding areas. We install electric fencing systems in various applications such as – corporate, high-security residential, industrial, commercial and Government installations.

Electric Fence Installation Boksburg

We specialize in electric fence installation in Boksburg. We install the best products to ensure your animals stay within the boundaries of your property.

Electric Fence Installers Boksburg

At Electric Fence Installers Boksburg, we are passionate about satisfying our valued clients while offering them quality products at the best prices

Electric Fence Repairs Boksburg

Our company delivers cost-effective electric fence maintenance services to domestic and commercial clients throughout the East Rand and Gauteng. You can be sure that you’ve come to the right place to get your electric fence repaired. Our team will look after your electric fence and make sure it meets the standard set by manufacturers.

Electric Fencing Centurion

Our company provides Electric Fencing Centurion. It is the best fencing technique that keeps your premises safe and secure. For more information visit our website or contact us today!

Electric Fencing Centurion

Electric Fence Installation Centurion

It is a well-known fact that electric fences are the best way to protect horses, cattle and probably your dog from dangerous predators. Our company offers Electric Fence Installation Centurion and we specialize in making the process of installing an electric fence as simple and hassle-free as possible.

Electric Fence Installers Centurion

If you’re searching for a top Electric Fence Installers Centurion company, then look no further! We are a trustworthy, reliable and established Electric Fence Installers Centurion operator with years of experience serving the community.

Electric Fence Repairs Centurion

Electric Fence Repairs Centurion performing services all over South Africa. Our company is located in Johannesburg, and we have our staff all over to assist you with troubleshooting your electric fencing problems.

Electric Fencing Midrand

Whether you need Electric Fencing Midrand or any other type of fencing around your property in Midrand or Johannesburg, we are the company to call! We have many years of experience in the industry and will be able to handle your job promptly.

Electric Fence Installation Midrand

We have one of the most highly skilled teams in electric Fence installations Midrand to execute our work perfectly in a time-effective manner. Our services always have high demand from our clients who prefer to trust us for any kind of works related to electrical existing around them.

Electric Fence Installers Midrand

Electric Fence Installers Midrand is your best destination for all kinds of Electric Fencing, we have a huge assortment of electric fences and solutions for every need and pocket. We also proudly offer quality customer service and after-sales service at no extra cost.

Electric Fence Repairs Midrand

Our company is dedicated to offering quality Electric Fence Repairs Midrand while ensuring that the issues are solved immediately. Simply give us a call to let us know the problem you are encountering, and we will dispatch an electrician that will take care of it.

Electric Fencing Polokwane

We are among the best in business, and we offer our customers a complete range of services that are used for increasing the range of our client’s business in Polokwane.

Electric Fence Installation Polokwane

At Electric Fence Installation in Polokwane, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality products and services available in the industry. Our personnel are highly trained to be professional and courteous; all of which is reflected in our projects.

Electric Fence Installers Polokwane

At our company, we pride ourselves in offering high-quality Electric Fence Installers Polokwane at the best prices on the market. Our products and services are fairly priced for our customers.

 Electric Fence Repairs Polokwane

Are you looking for a Polokwane company that offers electric fence repairs? Look no more, our company offers all types of services related to electric fences. Our commitment to quality and superior customer service has made us the top company that people rely on for their repairs.

Electric Fencing Pretoria

Electric Fencing Pretoria is here to ensure the safety of your property or premises by installing security electric fencing that is in line with your budget. Our company offers the best quality Electric Fencing in Pretoria and its surroundings.

Electric Fencing Pretoria

Electric Fence Installation Pretoria

Our company offers the best Electric Fence Installation Pretoria. If you want to install an electric fence in your residential or commercial area, we can provide you with a quality service that you won’t be sorry for later. Our team has years of experience in this field, and they know how to install any type of electric fence to meet your needs and protect your family using the latest technology.

Electric Fence Installers Pretoria

Our company offers the best Electric Fence Installers Pretoria. We also offer Electric fencing installations in Pretoria and Pretoria East, as well as fencing repairs and maintenance. All our services have a guarantee.

Electric Fence Repairs Pretoria

Our company offers Electric Fence Repairs Pretoria. We offer new installations as well as repairs to existing electric fences and barriers. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require professional service.

Electric Fence Repairs Pretoria East

We specialize in electric fence repairs in Pretoria East. We offer quality workmanship, professional service, and 24/7 response times. Electric fence sales, installations and maintenance services are also available.

Electric Fencing Port Elizabeth

If you are looking for high-quality, affordable Electric Fencing in Port Elizabeth we are just a phone call away! Electric Fencing has become a priority for many homes and business owners to help deter potential burglars. There has been a huge increase in household robberies over the years and everyone needs to take steps to protect themselves.

Electric Fence Installation Port Elizabeth

We at Electric Fence Installation Port Elizabeth have many years of experience in the security industry. We aim to ensure that every customer receives “The Protector”, the most efficient and reliable Electric Fencing system in South Africa.

Electric Fence Installers Port Elizabeth

We offer the best Electric Fence Installers in Port Elizabeth, We also provide Electrical Contractor services in and around Port Elizabeth, electric fence installer in Jeffreys Bay and fire detection systems provider for residential and commercial properties

Electric Fence Repairs Port Elizabeth

At Electric Fence Repairs Port Elizabeth, we will provide you with an honest, reliable and professional service. Our company works with an emphasis on providing quality service and value for money whilst ensuring that your property is safe at all times.

Electric Fencing Cape Town

Our Electric Fencing Cape Town products are designed to ensure your security against any intruders. We are based in Cape Town and service the city as well as its surroundings.

Electric Fencing Cape Town

Electric Fence Installation Cape Town

Electric Fence Installation Cape Town services are what our company offers. A great security system, not only to prevent crime but also prevent unwanted animal crossing on your property. We offer a wide range of electric fencing services at the best prices in town, ensuring high-quality and durable products that are installed by well-trained installers.

Electric Fence Installers Cape Town

Our company offers the best Electric Fence Installers in Cape Town, who have the expertise required to install residential and commercial electric fences, we service all of the Cape Town area and the suburbs. Some of our services include Electric Fence Repair and Maintenance, Gate Motors, Garage Door Motors and Intercom Systems Installs.

Electric Fence Repairs Cape Town

We are your trusted partner when it comes to home and corporate security. Our skilled electricians are also experts in parking gates, intercoms, and CCTV. We guarantee that we will help you find the most ideal solution for your needs, budget and design.

Electric Fencing Durban

We offer fast and efficient installation of the fence and we make sure to do top-quality work. We have assisted numerous homes and businesses in the Durban area, we guarantee that you will be happy with our service.

Electric Fencing Durban

Electric Fence Installation Durban

With our years of experience in the industry, you are sure to be provided with a service that will not only meet but exceed all your expectations when it comes to residential and commercial Electric Fence Installation Durban. Feel free to contact us today for any further information.

Electric Fence Installers Durban

Our company is one of the best Electric Fence Installer companies in Durban. We offer very good prices and our installations are of high quality. Our products are manufactured in SA, which ensures that they are built to last and offer the highest level of protection.

Electric Fence Repairs Durban

Our company offers Electric Fence Repairs Durban. We offer installation and repairs. Our technicians are qualified and skilled to do the job.

Electric Fencing Edenvale

Find your perfect electric fencing service with us. We offer Electric Fencing Edenvale! Our team of experts can assess all your specific needs and requirements to find the simplest, yet safest solution accordingly. Take advantage of our competitive quotes today!

Electric Fence Installation Edenvale

Our company offers Electric Fence Installation Edenvale. We have qualified technicians with years of experience in electric fence installation. We do our jobs with a high level of across on both home and industrial security. Give us a call today for a free quotation

Electric Fence Installers Edenvale

Our company offers Electric Fence Installers in Edenvale. Our team of highly qualified electricians, who have many years’ experience can solve any problem quickly and effectively. We offer electric fence services that are efficient and professional.

Electric Fence Repairs Edenvale

Our company offers Electric Fence Repairs Edenvale to residential and commercial properties. We have been in this line of business for many years and offer services that are above the rest. It is not only for security purposes, but it will also keep unwanted animals out of your property.

Electric Fencing Randburg

Our company offers high-quality electric fencing products including solar and normal power electric fences at affordable prices. Our staff will ensure you get the best service and in-depth advice on our wide range of products in Randburg.

Electric Fence Installation Randburg

We offer all our esteemed clients with Electric Fence Installation services in and around Randburg. We offer multiple Electric Fence options as per one’s budget.

Electric Fence Installers Randburg

Our company offers Electric Fence Installers Randburg. We offer the latest technology in electric fencing products and services. With our Electric Fence Installers, you are guaranteed value for money with quality and durable electric fencing systems that will meet your security need.

Electric Fence Repairs Randburg

Electric Fence Repairs Randburg is your one-stop-shop for all things electric fence-related. We offer a wide range of services, including repairs and installation of new systems as well as servicing of existing fences. Our team of technicians are highly trained and experienced in the industry.

Electric Fencing Sandton

Electric Fencing Sandton is a company that supplies a service of protecting your premises or business with electric fencing. We supply the following services and products to your area: Electric Fence Maintenance, Supply and Install of New Electric Fences, Electric Fence repairs, and servicing of existing fences to our clients in the Sandton area.

Electric Fence Installation Sandton

Our company provides the best Electric Fence Installation Sandton for all purposes. Whether you need to increase security around your home or office, we will offer a solution tailored to fit your situation best. We specialize in perimeter security, a huge priority in today’s market.

Electric Fence Installers Sandton

We are the best Electric Fence Installers Sandton. Our company offers services that include fixing and repairing electric fences. We also advise our clients on how to repair on their own if they want to. Get in touch with us today for more information on a range of our services

Electric Fence Repairs Sandton

Our company offers the best Electric Fence Repairs Sandton. We fit and repair all types of electric fences and palisade fences.  We are always ready to serve you whenever you need us.

Electric Fencing Nelspruit

If you are searching for the best-in-class electric fencing in Nelspruit, then contact Electric Fencing Nelspruit immediately. We provide high-security fencing system services that ensure the safety of your residential and commercial properties. Our fencing services are also ideal for your farms, livestock areas and crops as well.

Electric Fence Installation Nelspruit

From security to keeping your pets and livestock in, electric fencing is ideal for a lot of purposes. Having an electric fence installed can provide you with peace of mind knowing that your family and property are safe. Electric Fencing Nelspruit offers electric fence installation for both residential and commercial customers throughout the Mpumalanga area.

Electric Fence Installers Nelspruit

We offer professional electric fence installation services in Nelspruit and the surrounding area and are known for quality installations at an affordable price.

Electric Fence Repairs Nelspruit

Our company offers the best Electric Fence Repairs Nelspruit. Regardless of your electric fence fencing needs, we have got you covered. We provide a range of high quality residential, commercial and industrial security fencing solutions, including electric fencing repairs.

Electric Fence Repairs Nelspruit



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