Describe a Generator

A generator is an electromechanical device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. It’s a very useful tool for providing electricity in the event of a power outage or natural disaster.


A generator is made up of a rotating armature (a magnet surrounded by copper wire) and field coils (coils of wire that are wound around and attached to a horseshoe-shaped piece of iron). The armature spins within the field coils as it’s connected to an engine or power source, creating an electric current which flows through the wires on the back.

Why Are Generators Used?

Generators are used to make electricity. Generators are used in power plants to produce electricity. They are also used in many applications like in the making of electronic devices, in aircraft navigation systems and other electronic systems, etc.

Explain How a Generator works

A generator is a machine, and every machine needs the power to work. Generators use either mechanical energy or chemical energy to generate electrical energy. It’s just like how a watermill uses the power of flowing water to grind grain into flour.

The mechanical energy can be generated through steam, water, wind or burning fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas, and oil. The chemical energy is usually generated by batteries.

A generator in which mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy by electromagnetic induction is called a dynamo.

What are the Benefits of a Generator?

The benefits of generators include:

  1. Helps generate electricity
  2. Provides power to surrounding areas
  3. Runs during emergencies
  4. Provides power when blackouts occur
  5. Prevents electrocution

Explain the 3 Types of Generators

  1. Standby

A standby generator is a backup power source that automatically kicks in when the power goes out. It is powered by natural gas or propane, and it runs regularly to ensure that it stays in good working order. If you’re away from home during an outage, it will kick on and run until you return and shut it off.

  1. Portable

A portable model is designed to be used during emergencies or if you need to have electricity outside of your home in a remote location. You can use one of these generators while camping or if you’re working outdoors with power tools. The unit can be conveniently moved and set up in a safe location with proper ventilation. The tank of fuel can be hooked up, and it will run until the fuel runs out. It must be shut off manually, so you must keep track of how much time has passed and how much fuel is left.

  1. Stationary

A stationary unit is installed as part of an electrical system in your home or business. It kicks on when needed and helps to keep your appliances running when there’s a problem with the main power source for your building. These generators are typically connected to natural gas lines or propane

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Learn here – Generators with Inverters

Generators with inverters are power generators that convert AC power to DC and then back to AC power. There is a good reason for this process.

Inverter generator power is cleaner than a standard generator and this is important for the sensitive electronics found in many pieces of equipment. This type of power is often referred to as sine wave or true sine wave. The inverter generator produces less than 3% total harmonic distortion, which means the type of electrical current produced by an inverter is similar to the power you get from electricity at your home.

Generators with Inverters

The problem with conventional generators is that they produce electricity in a pulse form, which produces electrical spikes and surges. These can damage sensitive electronics. Inverter generators have microprocessors that convert the direct current (DC) voltage into alternating current (AC). This produces a sine wave and this keeps the voltage at a steady level.

The other advantage of an inverter generator is that it produces more power for its weight and size than conventional generators.

What contributes to the Generators Prices?

  1. Size of a generator: The larger, the more expensive it will be. The size is determined by the amount of power that it can produce in an hour and is measured in kilowatts (kW). The size factor generally applies to a type of generator called standby generators. These are generators that are used to provide backup power when there is an outage in the regular source of electricity.
  2. Type of fuel: There are four common types of fuel used to power generators diesel, propane, natural gas and gasoline/petrol. Diesel and natural gas generate more power about their weight than gasoline/petrol or propane. Therefore, diesel and natural gas-powered generators are usually more expensive than those powered by gasoline/petrol or propane.
  3. Type of generator: Standby generators automatically turn on when they sense a loss or drop in pressure in the electric lines that supply electricity to your home and then turn off automatically when normal power is restored. Portable generators on the other hand have to be turned on manually and you have to switch off appliances individually as you plug them into the generator using extension cords. Standby generators are therefore more expensive than portable ones because they are more reliable.

Generators Prices

Always Pick the Right Size of Generator!

The first step in choosing a generator is to determine what size you’ll need. The size depends on different factors, including:

Wattage requirements from appliances/equipment running vs. starting wattage requirements

How do I determine the wattage?

To calculate the total wattage requirement for a home, add up the start-up watts for each appliance (see appliance label). This will give you an idea of how large a generator you’ll need.

If using several appliances at once, add up the total watts of all appliances that will be running at the same time. To be safe, don’t exceed 80% of the rated capacity.

For example, if you want to run two refrigerators, two microwave ovens and a space heater simultaneously, you will need a generator with at least 5,000 running watts.

What about noise levels?

Noise levels are measured in decibels (dB) and should be considered when deciding where to place your generator. In general, larger generators are noisier than smaller ones.

What kva Generator do you need?

When choosing a generator, you have to consult with a professional. whichkva Generator to Choose? It depends on your power demand and what appliances you want to run on the generator. For example, an average home needs about an 8kva generator to run all its appliances.

Therefore, the first thing you need to do is calculate the power requirement of your home or office in KVA (kilovolt-amperes) units. This can be calculated by multiplying the total watts of all your appliances with a factor of 1.25.

It is better that you add some extra power in case there are any additional loads in future or if there are any appliances that use more power than normal such as refrigerators, air conditioners or freezers.

Once you know how much power you need for your home or office, you can choose the right generator for your needs.

A 2kva generator could be used if you have very little load and only a few electrical items in your home or office such as lights, fans, computers and televisions etc. A 3kva is enough for a small business where only a few people work and they have only a few electronic devices to use.

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How does a Petrol Generator work?

A petrol generator is a power generation device that converts petrol into electricity. Petrol is widely available and affordable, making it a practical option for many people. This means that when the power cuts out, you can continue living as normal. Petrol generators are generally portable, and no installation is required.

Petrol Generator

 List of 10 Benefits of a Petrol Generator:

Petrol generators are useful for a variety of reasons, from construction sites to camping trips. They can also be a lifesaver in emergencies.

Here are 8 benefits of having a petrol generator on hand.

  1. A generator can be used as an alternative source of power during blackouts and power outages.
  2. A portable generator can provide electricity for tools when working away from the power grid.
  3. Petrol generators are useful for powering appliances during camping trips and other outdoor activities.
  4. It can serve as your home’s main source of electricity when the power goes out, potentially saving you money on hotel stays or other temporary housing options.
  5. It’s useful for powering electronic devices in areas without a power grid, such as while hunting, hiking or boating.
  6. A petrol generator can keep your sump pump running during floods so that you don’t have to worry about basement flooding while you’re away from home.
  7. It can help keep your food supply fresh when the power goes out, potentially saving you hundreds of Rands in groceries.
  8. It keeps your employees productive by allowing them to continue working when the power is out at your place of business or job site.

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Explain what Petrol Generator Inverter is

A petrol generator inverter is a portable generator that is run by petrol, and which can convert the power it generates from AC to DC. This is achieved by first generating AC electricity, which is then converted into DC electricity by an inverter. The result is the power that can be used to charge batteries and run DC appliances, or it can be converted back into AC electricity to run mains powered appliances.

List the 6 Benefits of a Petrol Generator Inverter

When people think of petrol generators, they usually think of high-powered portable generators that are used for heavy-duty work. However, there are also petrol generator inverters that serve a very different purpose.

Here are 6 benefits of a petrol generators inverter:

  1. Lightweight
  2. Quiet
  3. Clean Power
  4. Fuel-Efficient
  5. Start Easily
  6. Multipurpose

What contributes to the Petrol Generator Price?

  1. Brand

The brand is the first thing that determines the petrol generator price. The more popular a brand is, the more expensive its products are.

  1. Type

The type of petrol generator you buy will also determine its price.

For instance, a portable generator will be cheaper than an inverter generator or vice versa.

  1. Power output

The power output of your petrol generator can also affect its price tag.

  1. Features and accessories

Petrol generators come with different features and accessories which can affect their prices too. For instance, you may get some that come with an electric start while others don’t. Some will have built-in USB ports for charging your mobile devices while others won’t have any feature at all except the primary function of providing electricity supply during a power outage.

Most Common Issues – Petrol Generator Repairs

Petrol generators have several common problems which can be easily overcome and repaired. As the most common problem with petrol generators is fuel the first step is to check the fuel. If the petrol has gone off it needs to be changed. The carburettor can also be blocked. This blockage can be cleared by using a needle or compressed air.

When using a petrol generator, oil is required for lubrication. An insufficient amount of oil in the generator will lead to an overheating engine as there is not enough lubrication for it. This will cause damage to the engine if it is left unchecked.

Petrol generators use spark plugs to ignite the air-fuel mixture that leads to combustion in the engine’s cylinders. These spark plugs need to be checked regularly and changed if they are damaged or worn as they may not ignite properly and cause your generator to run less efficiently and eventually stop working.

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Ultimate Guide for Petrol Generator Service

Petrol Generator Service

  1. Check engine oil level and top up if low.
  2. Remove the spark plug, clean and check the gasket is in good condition, re-assemble and ensure tight.
  3. Fit a new air filter element or clean the old one and refit (if applicable).
  4. Clean cooling fins on the engine (if applicable).
  5. Check the engine breather is clear (if applicable).
  6. Drain the carburettor bowl and empty the fuel filter, clean any sediment from the carburettor jet and refit, then fill with fresh fuel for a two-minute run.
  7. Clean any loose dirt off the housing and wipe it down with a damp cloth to remove any grease.
  8. Check the fuel tank vent is clear (if applicable).

NOTE: If the generator has been running or stored in dusty or dirty conditions you should remove the tank or bowl drain plug and allow all sediment to drain out before refitting with a new sealing washer (if applicable)

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Explain what a Diesel Generator is

The diesel generator is an internal combustion engine that is mounted on a base frame, which incorporates a self-starting diesel engine set, radiator, fuel tank and control system. The generator set comprises the prime mover (the diesel engine), alternator and excitation system. The fuel tank holds enough fuel to run for a full day or more in the event of an outage or scheduled maintenance.

Diesel Generator

The diesel generator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. The diesel engine should be started mechanically with the help of a starter motor, by compressed air or by manually cranking. Once it starts running it can then generate enough electricity to power itself and also start other electric motors.

Explain – What Applications are Diesel Generators used?

Diesel generators can be used to provide backup power or to be the main source of power for a location. The diesel generator is one of the most common sources of backup power in the world. Diesel generators can be found within nuclear power plants and are used to provide backup power when there is an outage. For this reason, diesel generators are often connected to a transfer switch that automatically turns it on if there is a loss of electricity.

Diesel generators are also used as the main source of power for many construction sites and other remote locations that do not have access to regular electrical grids. Oil rigs are often powered by diesel generators and these generators provide power for everything from lighting and refrigeration units to oil pumps and other heavy machinery that may be required on-site. Diesel generators are also commonly used in remote areas where there is no access to electrical grids such as remote farms, ranches and cottages.

Explain – What can a Diesel Generator power?

Diesel generators are widely used to power a large range of appliances and machinery, making them ideal for a variety of projects.  You can use them as a stand-alone unit when you need a quick and efficient backup power source or as part of your normal mains electricity supply.

Explain – Why Choose a Diesel Generator?

There are many reasons to choose a diesel generator, but the most important reason is its reliability. Diesel generators have been proving themselves for years in all types of applications around the world. From construction sites to hospitals and data centres, diesel generators are relied upon for backup power and prime power.


The main reason why a diesel generator is chosen over other types of Genset is its reliability. With proper maintenance, your diesel generator should run for years with almost no issues. The technology used in diesel engines has been proven time and time again to be far superior to gasoline or natural gas engines when it comes to reliability.

Engine Durability

In addition to being reliable, diesel engines are also very durable. Most medium speed engines will last between 15000 and 20000 hours before needing any major work done on them. This can represent 10-15 years of use depending on how much you use your Genset. Even high-speed engines can easily last 8000-10000 hours with proper maintenance.

Fuel Efficiency

Diesel is one of the most efficient fuels available today, especially when compared to gasoline or natural gas-powered generators. This efficiency makes them ideal for prime applications where they will be used continuously for long periods.

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DEALS – Diesel Generator Price

Diesel Generator Price depends on the diesel generator manufacturer, the manufacturer’s country of origin, the engine size and the application of the generator.

The Size

The most important factor when it comes to the price of a diesel generator is the size. The bigger, the more expensive it will be. The size of diesel generators is measured in terms of kilowatts. This measurement refers to the output power of the generator, which determines how many appliances can be plugged in at the same time and how many can be used simultaneously without causing problems such as switching off or blowing a fuse.

The Brand

A brand is an important aspect to consider when choosing a generator. You must purchase a generator from a reputable brand. The brand will play a huge role in determining the quality of the product, reliability, durability and even the service that you can expect from your diesel generator. Hence brands that are synonymous with quality will be expensive


Features in the generator will influence the price. A high-quality generator might cost a bit extra money, but it is worth the extra money to invest in a good quality generator. It is necessary to consider various factors when investing in a diesel generator.

New or Used

A new diesel generator can range in price from R6,000 up to hundreds of thousands or more. The price will also be affected by whether or not it’s been used. A used diesel generator will be less expensive than a new one. You can save quite a bit of money by buying a used one if you don’t mind buying one that has been previously owned and used.

Emergency – Diesel Generator Repair

When you buy a diesel generator, you want to make sure that it is going to last for years. Like all machines, generators will break down occasionally and when your power goes out, you are going to need to have your generator fixed as soon as possible. Diesel generators are used for residential homes and commercial buildings alike. They are used on farms, construction sites and in factories where people need to have power at all times of the day or night.

When you are looking for a company that can do diesel generator repair, you want to make sure that they are experienced with diesel generators. You may also want to find out if they offer a warranty on their work and how long the warranty lasts. A good company should be able to give you peace of mind knowing that your generator is going to work properly again.

Your diesel generator may be able to perform simple tests by itself. When the computerized control tests do not show any problems but the unit still won’t start, then there could be other problems causing your system not to work properly. Some of these issues may include:

  • Low fuel level
  • Lack of compression
  • Lack of spark from the ignition system
  • Fuel supply problem

If your diesel generator repair company cannot find any problems with the computer

Ultimate Guide for Diesel Generator Service

Diesel generators are used when there is a power outage or if you just want to have a backup generator. These generators can be expensive, but they are worth the cost because they provide power that is essential for many people.

Diesel generators require regular maintenance to be sure that they operate properly. The most important thing that you need to do is check the oil level in the engine before use. You also need to check the coolant level and the antifreeze levels in your generator as well.

The oil filter should be changed every 100 hours of use on your diesel generator. At this time, it is also important to check for any leaks in the fuel system and replace any leaking hoses with new ones if necessary. It is also important to clean all of the spark plugs on your generator with a fine wire brush. You will also want to check the air filter while you are cleaning the spark plugs and change it if it has become clogged or dirty.

The best way to maintain your diesel generator is through routine maintenance and cleaning of your generator at least once a month. This will keep your generator running at its best and will help prevent major problems in the future

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Explain a Solar Generator

A solar generator is essentially a battery bank that uses solar panels to charge the batteries and an inverter to convert the stored energy in the battery’s DC (direct current) power into AC (alternating current) power.  There are many different types of generators and inverters, so it’s not fair to say that one is better than the other.

Solar Generator

A solar generator is simply a battery bank that stores energy and can be recharged by solar photovoltaic panels.  If you are going to use your generator for large appliances like a refrigerator, air conditioner, or microwave then you need to look at some of the more powerful inverters which are capable of delivering 3000 watts or more.

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Our goal is to help people to find Solar Generator near Me. we have the best solar generator contractors in your area. Contact the solar generator contractors near you to find out pricing, availability, and more.

You can also read the reviews to get your hands on trusted solar generator contractors. so, if you are looking for local solar generators then feel free to browse our site. If you would like to see even more solar generators then use our search form above!

Huge Range of Solar Generator for Sale

We help you locate the best deals on solar generators available in your area. We can connect you with suppliers that have the solar generator you need at the lowest prices possible.

Our suppliers are licensed and insured and provide great customer service. With our network of suppliers, we can find the perfect generator for you.

We offer Solar generators for House

Solar generators are a great way to provide power to your home.  While there are many types of solar power systems, a solar generator can be the most affordable and simplest to use.

The construction of a solar generator is fairly simple.  It consists of an inverter, batteries, a charge controller and a PV array.  The number of batteries used will depend on how much power you want to store.  A typical house will require four batteries at a minimum.

The number of panels used in the PV array will depend on how much power you want to generate.  A typical house will use 12 panels producing 400 watts each.  This is enough energy to run most appliances in a home.

The biggest advantage of these systems is the fact that they are completely self-contained.  There is no need for outside electrical connections or fuel deliveries.  They are also very compact so they can easily be moved from place to place if needed.

Explain –  Solar Generator Inverter?

A solar generator inverter is a device that converts direct current into alternating current. The inverters are also known as converters or power inverters.

Inverters are typically used to convert the DC power from a battery source to AC power, which is then used in most homes and businesses. The advantage of using an inverter over a traditional generator is that it does not require fuel, which means there is no need for big storage tanks. In addition, since these inverters have a small footprint, they can be placed in many areas where conventional generators would not be feasible.

The solar generator inverter works by using a series of batteries and charging them with solar panels. When you charge the batteries through the solar panels, you draw electricity from the sun’s rays and this energy is stored in your batteries.

What Contributes to the Solar Generator Price?

The solar generator price is determined by various factors. The type of inverter used, grid-tied or off-grid, the size of the system and the number of modules used in each panel are some of the factors that determine this price.

The type of inverter: one of the factors that determine the solar price is the type of inverter. There are two types of solar generators, off-grid and grid-tied. Off-grid systems are very expensive to install because they require batteries for storage. This type of system is only ideal for people who live in places where there is no power from a utility company like rural areas and remote places.

The size of the system: another factor that determines the cost is the size of your system. The larger your system, the more you will pay for it because it will require more materials to install.

Solar inverter: some people mistakenly think that all solar generators use a central inverter to convert DC electricity into AC electricity so that it can be fed back into the grid. However, some systems do not use an inverter at all but rather a series of panels that have their microinverters attached to them which convert DC electricity directly into AC electricity. These

Explain – What is a 3 Phase Generator?

A 3-phase generator is one of the most basic kinds of generators and is used to generate electricity that can be used in many different types of applications. A 3-phase generator works by using three separate magnetic fields to create a current in three separate coils. The difference between this type of generator and a single-phase oneis that it provides more power and is more efficient. Due to its design, a three-phase also has fewer vibration problems than a single-phase one.

The three coils in a 3-phase generator are all mounted on the same shaft, but they are separated from each other. Each coil has a different amount of turns and turns at a different speed, which creates the alternating current output. This type of electrical generation is called polyphase and this term includes 2-phase as well as 3-phase systems.

A 3-phase generator can be used for many different types of applications, including large industrial settings and small residential settings. They are preferable over single-phase generators because they are more efficient, less expensive to operate, produce less noise and have fewer vibration problems.

Extended Range of 3 Phase Generators for Sale

At the start of the year, we added a new feature to our site that allows users to buy and sell generators. In the last month, we have been working on improving this service to make it easier for you to connect with sellers.

We are pleased to announce that we have now launched a new feature that allows you to filter search results by location. Simply use the dropdown in the top right corner of your screen and select a country, state or county. You will then be able to view sellers located in the specified geographic area who have generators available for sale. In addition to this, our newest feature allows you to send an email directly from a listing page, so you can contact all potential sellers with one simple click.

Useful Guide on Generator Installations

  1. Purchase a 3-phase generator.
  2. Choose a location for your generator. The ideal location will be in an area that is not too far from the main power supply, yet not so close that it may become an obstruction.
  3. Install the generator to the ground by placing concrete around the base of the generator – this ensures that it remains secure and stationary at all times.
  4. Connect cables from the generator to the electrical panel through a transfer switch (you should have one installed already). This switch will allow you to use your home’s normal electricity when you do not need to use it, and it will connect automatically when needed.
  5. To use your 3-phase generator, simply turn on the switch and check for proper operation and voltage levels

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Generator Installations

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Generator Installers

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Has the generator broken? – Generators Repair

This is one of the most common problems for generators. There are a lot of things that may be causing it not to start.

Generators Repair

Here are some of the most common reasons:

  1. Low gas level
  2. Dirty air filter
  3. Bad spark plug
  4. Choke is not set right
  5. Oil level low
  6. Oil type wrong
  7. Fuel shut-off valve not on
  8. Battery dead
  9. Defective starter solenoid
  10. Stale gas
  11. Bad fuel pump

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Time for a Generator Service?

The generator is a very important part of the house because it provides power to the whole house. It is, therefore, necessary to keep it clean and running for as long as possible. Here is a basic guide on how to do it:

First, check the oil level in the unit to make sure that it is not low. Then check if there are any leaks in the system. If there are any, repair them immediately. Check also for signs of oil leakage on the floor or walls of the room where it is installed.

Next, remove all of the wires from their sockets and turn off the main breaker for the house before you start cleaning. You should also close all windows and doors to prevent any dust particles from entering your home.

Now, you need to do some basic cleaning like washing off dirt and debris from outside surfaces using soap water solution or detergent solution. You can use this solution with a sponge or cloth and wipe down all areas inside and out of your generator’s casing carefully. Make sure not to scrub too hard though; this could damage delicate parts inside such as coils and electrical components which will only cause problems later on when they become clogged up again!

Find here – Generator Services near Me

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Yes, you can choose a service according to your budget and requirements. If you are an individual looking for generators service, you can check out the list of services provided by each company.

Expect the BEST – Generator Service and Repair

A generator service and repair company can be a great resource for performing routine servicing and maintenance.

A good service company will provide you with the following:

  • Written quote for any repairs or maintenance needed.
  • Follow-up written report of the results of the service call, including all parts and materials used.
  • Warranty on all parts and labour performed.
  • Knowledgeable technicians who have been properly trained in how to properly operate, service, and repair your generator so that you get the most out of it.

Congrats! – Generator Service and Repair near Me

If you are looking for Generator Service and Repair in your area, we can connect you with a professional. We have made it easy to find affordable generator service near you.

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This includes:

  • Locate and repair electrical problems
  • Evaluate and repair engine issues
  • Inspect carburettors, spark plugs and other parts
  • Inspect air filters to make sure they are clean
  • Make sure fuel Lines are not cracked or leaking
  • Test oil levels and make sure they are adequate

If you have a portable generator that has not been used for an extended period, it is recommended to have it serviced before first use. A pre-season inspection should include at a minimum engine tunes and oil change. For more information on how to prepare your portable onefor first use, consult your owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer directly.

Do it Right – Generator Maintenance Services

It is important to be responsible and make sure that your home generator is working at a high level of performance. While you may not use it often, the day that the power goes out will be the day you want to make sure it is ready to go.

Here are a few things you can expect from a good generator maintenance service:

  • Oil Change
  • Filter Check/Replacement
  • Fuel System Check
  • Cooling System Check/Replacement
  • Battery Check/Replacement
  • Prime Mover Condition and Proper Operation
  • Preventative Maintenance Checklists

It’s important to note that while some portable generators can be maintained by their owners, this isn’t always the case with many commercial generators. If you’re not sure if your generator requires professional maintenance, contact us and we’ll help you out!

Don’t Worry, we are here! – Fixing Generator

Fixing your gas generator can be easy if you know what to do.

There are a few things that you can do to try and fix it yourself and save money in the process.

  • First, you need to find out what is causing the problem , then you’ll be able to fix the problem.
  • Then, check that there is gas inside the tank. If there is no gas inside of the tank, then fill it up and check again.
  • If it is still not working, then it could be a carburettor issue. Cleaning or replacing your carburettor can help your generator start up again.

If these two simple fixes don’t work for you, then you may need to bring them to a mechanic. It could be an issue with the spark plugs or perhaps even a more difficult problem like the flywheel or crankshaft.

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Need to Hire? – Generators Hire

There are many things to consider like size, power, and fuel type. It is also worth considering how long you need it for.

Generators Hire

Generators are a necessity in the construction industry and for other various events. Below are some of the most important things to consider when hiring generators. Finding the right one will ensure that your company remains efficient and profitable.

The first thing that you will need to do is decide what kind you want to rent. There are three types of generators available: electric, diesel, and petrol. You will also want to decide whether or not you want an inverter generator or not. Inverters are more expensive but can provide power for longer periods without needing a recharge.

Once you have decided which type of generator you need, you will then need to decide what size you require. You must choose onethat can produce enough power for your needs while still being small enough so as not to be too cumbersome or difficult to move around if necessary.

Finally, you should also look into how long it will take for the rental company to deliver your order before making any commitments

We have it, you hire it! – Generator Hire near Me

We know that finding the right generator hire is not easy. We have partnered with professional generators hire companies around the country to ensure you get the service you need at a price you can afford.

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What determines Generator Hire Price?

There are a few things that can affect the price of a generator rental:

  • How much power do you need
  • If you need to rent the onefor a long period
  • What type of fuel is necessary to run the generator (i.e.) diesel, gas, propane etc.
  • Any special accessories needed to operate the generator (i.e.) cables, distribution panels, fuel tank etc.
  • The size and weight you require (some may require a crane or other heavy lifting equipment)
  • Where you are located

Our team of experts will help you determine all these factors and more. We can help you find exactly what you need for your particular situation and always at the best prices possible.

Which Generator Companies are the best?

Generator companies are companies that provide generator services. They offer rentals, sales, and repairs. Generator repairs involve cleaning, maintenance, repair and installation. They also offer free quotes and free site surveys to provide a cost estimate.

The benefits of using a generator company are that the job is completed faster than if you were to try to do it yourself since the professionals know what they’re doing. You do not have to go through the hassle of tracking down all the tools you need and figuring out how they work. The quality of service is higher when provided by a professional.

Generator Companies

The drawbacks of using a company include having to pay for the service which may be expensive depending on what you are having done. You may have to wait a while if your project is not an emergency as there may be others ahead of you in line.

Tips for choosing a company include looking for one that has experience in the type of service you need and ensuring that it is licensed and insured appropriately. You should also make sure that the company has a good reputation so that you can be confident that your needs will be met satisfactorily.

Speak to us – Generator Companies near Me

We connect you with a generator company to help you get the best price for your generator project. Our contractor matches are free, fast, and easy.

To get started, call us or fill out our online form and we’ll quickly match you with local companies who will provide free estimates.

Recommendations for Choosing the Best Solar Generator Companies

There are a few things you’ll want to consider when choosing a solar generator company:

  1. Reputation. Make sure the company is reputable by checking the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any complaints filed against them, and then check out their website to see what kind of warranty they offer. Also, look at their customer testimonials to get an idea of what kind of service they provide.
  2. Price and payment options. You should always shop around before making a purchase, and be aware that some companies offer discounts for buying in bulk, so if you have more than one solar oneit might be worth buying in bulk to save money on shipping costs.
  3. Customer service. Find out what kind of customer service the company provides and whether or not they’re easy to get in touch with in case you have questions or concerns about your purchase. A good company will provide excellent customer support and will respond promptly to any questions or concerns you may have about their products or services. This includes being able to answer questions about their warranty policy and return policy as well as offering free technical support for any problems that arise after the sale has been made.

Stop Loadshedding – Load Shedding Home Solutions

Load shedding is rotating power cuts that are used to balance the demand and supply of electricity in a country. Due to the low generation of electricity, or due to poor supply, the utility provider has no choice but to do load shedding.

This is done by cutting off the electricity of some areas for a specified period, while others in different regions enjoy the power services. Load shedding is an important tool in managing our energy system. It helps to guard against possible major blackouts (also known as system collapse), which could cause widespread damage to infrastructure and be difficult and expensive to repair quickly.

Quick, easy and effective solutions for Load Shedding

  • Buy a generator – but don’t run it all the time.
  • Buy an inverter – these are more expensive but will save you money in the long run.
  • Solar power is an option that is getting more affordable all the time.
  • Gas appliances are a good option if you can afford them (and have access to gas).

People Also ASK – Generator

Petrol Vs Diesel Generator

  • Petrol generators are generally cheaper and smaller in size than diesel ones. They are also easier to get hold of.
  • In the long run, diesel generators will prove to be more economical as the diesel is cheaper than petrol and diesel engines are built for more runtime.
  • Diesel generators will last longer and require less maintenance than petrol generators, but they do weigh more and require more space.

What size generator will run a house?

It depends on the house.

A small house might only require a 4000-watt generator, but larger houses with more appliances and electric heaters may require one twice as large or more.

Try to use an electrician to help you determine what size your home will need.

What can a 7.5 kVA generator run?

It is not uncommon for a 7.5kVA generator to power an entire household, making it the ideal standby in case of an emergency. With that said, depending on the size of your house and the number of appliances you have running at any given time, a 7.5kVA inverter generator can also be used as a primary energy source.

What size generator do I need?

The first thing to determine is the amount of power you will need from a generator. For this, you will need to know how many watts your appliances use. A watt is a measurement of power usage, not of brightness or other comparable variables. Each appliance will have a number on it that tells how many watts it uses per hour or per day.

The best way to find out for sure is to look at the manual for the specific model you are using or check with the manufacturer. Once you have found this information, simply add up all of your appliances’ watt requirements and this will tell you what size generator you need.

Which generator is suitable for home use?

If you’re looking for a generator that is suitable for home use, choose the one that is:

  • Portable and light-weight
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Capable of running at least 8 hours of continuous operation
  • Has protection against low oil pressure, over speed and high temperature
  • Has an automatic voltage regulator (AVR) to keep the output voltage constant during load fluctuations.

How do you hook a generator to your house?

Generators are either portable or stationary units that are powered by gas or diesel fuel. Depending on the model and fuel type, they produce between 2,000 and 10,000 watts of electricity at 120V.

The easiest way to hook oneto your home’s electrical panel is through a transfer switch. Once installed, the transfer switch prevents back-feeding (sending power into the utility lines) and protects line workers during an outage.

  1. Turn off the main breaker in your home’s service panel (breaker box). This should be the main disconnect for all of the power in your home.
  2. Remove the cover from your service panel so you can access all of the breakers inside.
  3. Find the grounding bus bar inside of your service panel, which is usually located along one edge with metal screws sticking out of it.
  4. Remove the screw from one end of your grounding cable and attach the other end of it to the grounding bus bar. Reattach this screw so it stays connected securely and doesn’t come loose in subsequent steps or while you

Can a 5kW generator power a house?

A 5kW generator can power a house, but it depends on the size of your home. You will need to consider the appliances you want to run, and what items are most important to you. A standard home with an electric water heater and average electrical equipment would be fine for a 5kW one.

What will a 10 KVA generator run?

A 10 KVA generator can run a range of electrical appliances, such as a washing machine, fridge, freezer and cooking equipment. It will also provide enough power for lighting and a small water pump.

What size generator do I need to run a refrigerator and freezer?

A generator that is rated between 3,000 and 5,500 watts can power a freezer. A refrigerator will require at least 2,000 watts while a freezer will need at least 1,000 watts. A large oneof 6,500 watts or more can easily power both the refrigerator and the freezer with ease.

What should I look for when buying a generator?

When you’re shopping for a generator, you’ll find that the price goes up with the power capacity. A 50-kW unit will cost more than a 20 kW one. At the same time, 50-kW will cost more than a 40 kW one.

Because of this pricing characteristic, it’s smart to buy a larger machine than you think you need. This way, if your power requirements increase later, you won’t have to buy another one. Also, be sure to check on the life expectancy of the unit you’re considering. It may be cheaper, in the long run, to spend more money upfront so that you don’t have to replace the unit as often.

How many watts do I need to power my house?

The number of watts you need for a home is determined by how many appliances you’re using and what you’re using them for. If you’re using your microwave, washing machine, TV, fridge and lights all at the same time, it’s going to use more watts than if you have the TV on its own.

How much does it cost to rebuild a generator?

Rebuilding a generator can cost you anything between R1500 to R150000 depending on the type and size. If you have a small old one that needs rebuilding, the cost could be less than R10 000. The cost to rebuild a large 240V would be more than R100 000. The cost to rebuild a 220V diesel one would be around R60 000.

Is it worth fixing an old generator?

Repairing a generator is often more expensive than purchasing a new or used device from a reliable seller. The cost of repairs can easily exceed the value of a used one. In most cases, it’s not worth fixing an old one because generators are available at reasonable prices, even including shipping and taxes.

How do I fix my generator not working?

Your generator may not be working because it is clogged. One of the easiest ways to fix that is by removing the carburettor and spraying carb cleaner into the carburettor, around the jets, and into the fuel bowl. This will get rid of any debris inside the carburettor.

If you still notice that your generator is not working, it might be an issue with how much oil you have left in your tank and how cold it is outside. A lack of oil in your tank can cause sludge to form on your spark plug. You should also check the spark plug to make sure it is not broken or worn down. If there is a problem with your spark plug, you should replace it as soon as possible so that you can use your generator again.

Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to fixing is that if it has been running for a long time, then it could have overheated. If this happens, then several different things could have gone wrong and one of them would be that there was a lack of cooling system fluid inside the engine compartment. You should also check the coolant level on all parts of the engine before trying anything else, such as cleaning out any debris or dirt on top

What is needed to service a generator?

To service a generator, you need:

  • A maintenance manual
  • A clean, dry, well-ventilated workspace
  • Oil absorbent pads
  • Protective gloves and safety glasses
  • An oil drain pan

What you will do:

Check the oil. A generator’s oil level should be checked every 8 hours of operation. If the oil level is low, add recommended oil to the proper level. Check your owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommendation. Oil helps keep the moving parts cool and reduces friction between them.

Over time, the oil in generators break down and becomes contaminated with metal shavings from normal wear on internal parts. This can cause premature engine failure. Change your oil regularly to ensure maximum life expectancy.

Change the oil and filter. Most generators need an oil change after 250 hours of use or once per year, whichever comes first. You will need a socket wrench set and an oil filter wrench for this job. Refer to your owner’s manual for specific instructions on what type of oil to use and how often to check it. Never operate generators without sufficient lubrication or it may fail prematurely.

How much is it to hire a generator?

Hiring generators will cost you between R1300 to R3000 a day depending on the size and type that you need. The best thing to do is to contact a few hire companies and ask for quotes based on your requirements.

If you need power for longer than 3 weeks, then you should consider buying one, as it works out cheaper in the long run.

What kind of generator is the cheapest to run?

The cheapest generators to run include solar, gas and propane generators. Solar generators are the most environmentally friendly and cost-efficient, costing nothing to run. Gas and propane generators are also fairly inexpensive to run but can be expensive to buy depending on the size needed.

Which generator is best for the home?

The best generators for a home is the one that can supply power to all your appliances and lights. For example, if you want to power your TV and air conditioner, then you will need at least 1.5 kW of power output.

How much petrol does a generator use per hour in South Africa?

Petrol generators are usually less expensive than diesel models, and they can be used to power most small household appliances.

Generators that use petrol will consume roughly 1.3 litres of fuel an hour at a rated output of 7kVA.

What generator lasts the longest?

There are two different types of generators: standby and portable. Standby generators (generally more expensive) are permanently installed, turn on automatically, and last longer than portable models. Portable generators (generally less expensive) are designed for temporary use and have a shorter lifespan.